Customer Discovery and Sales Calls

January 9, 2013 | Don Pottinger

Customer Discovery and Sales Calls

At Kevy “Customer Discovery” and “Sales Calls” go hand in hand. Our team is passionate about building Kevy Connectors based on market feedback, instead of relying on a whole bunch of internal guesswork. The idea of building out bare bones connectors  and later adding the bells and whistles based on real-time customer feedback allows us to avoid wasting engineering time on features that will seldom or never be used and instead focus on creating new connectors and keeping existing connectors fresh.

How we are getting the most value out of a customer discovery call:

  • We are putting our consulting hats on, and asking what pain points exist between their cloud apps and also getting a deep understanding of how they are currently working around these problems.
  • How do you find out what features are most important to your potential customer? By simply ASKING! Most technical sales calls focus on “this is our product, look what it can do for you”. Get out of that mind set!
  • The best question to ask before showing the product is, “If time and money weren’t an issue and you could wave a magic wand to fix these pain points, what would that look like?” Great ideas and feature sets that may not have otherwise crossed the team’s radar come out of this question.
  • Show the potential customer what the Kevy Connector currently looks like, hopefully they are pleasantly surprised at what we already have and are willing to become one of the initial users! If not, that’s ok too, based on their feedback we can add enhancements to the product before acquiring them as a customer.

By applying the above to our sales calls, we have been able to establish a better understanding of the market. Also, our potential customers see that we are listening to their pain points and tailoring our Connectors to fix them, thus building a happy customer base! What else? What you have you found that has worked well with early stage customer discovery and sales calls?