Taking Full Advantage of Conferences

April 24, 2013 | Don Pottinger

This week we have had the privilege to sponsor and attend the Bronto User Conference. There is so much to be learned at a conference or trade show but, as this is Kevy’s fist conference to attend, the knowledge we have gained is extremely valuable. See below for tips on how to take full advantage of having face time with potential clients and partners.

-Don’t be pushy, be conversational and friendly. The last thing someone wants to deal with at a conference is a pushy Sales person.

-Attend all the after show events. People are more likely to open up when they aren’t standing on a crowded trade show or conference floor and share their pain points with you. This is a great opportunity to set up a demo or follow up conversations in a more natural way.

-Give away memorable swag. Having giveaways may be an after thought, but can be a great ice breaker to get people talking and to remember your brand.

Trade shows and user conferences are a great opportunity to get real facetime with potential clients and immediate feedback on product features. What else have you found as  your team attends conferences?