Celebrating Along the Way

April 30, 2013 | Admin

A mentor of mine once told me, “When building a business, make sure you stop to celebrate the little things along the way.” With any company, but especially in a fast paced technology company, it’s easy to fall into the trap of sprinting from one goal to the next, barely stopping to catch your breath. This may lead to rapid progress short-term, but inevitably will lead to burnout and people not feeling appreciated.

Fortunately at Kevy, we love to celebrate. Every week the Kevy team has milestones to celebrate during our Monday morning “show-and-tell,” from new product features, website elements, connectors, customers, partners and more. ┬áHearing members of our team encourage one another for their accomplishments is infectious and make us all want to give the team even more reasons to celebrate!

This past week our team had a very big milestone to celebrate with the launch of the new Kevy website and a suite of cloud connectors including: Bronto, Volusion, Yahoo!, Shopify, Magento, Google Spreadsheets, Pardot and Zoho. How did our team celebrate? We gathered a bunch of friends together, popped some champagne and drank a toast to 6 months of hard work.

I am really proud of this team and all that we’ve accomplished. It was a day I hope we’ll all remember fondly when we look back on the Kevy journey. So remember, don’t get caught up so much in the hustle and bustle of your product and company that you don’t take the time to celebrate the milestones, both big and small.