Life Inside A Start-Up

June 12, 2013 | Admin

“So what is it like to be a part of a start-up?” I seem to get this question on a daily basis. Is it stressful? Is it exciting? Is it risky? Do you love it?  The answer is yes.

From the news to movies to social chatter, start-ups are the latest novelty that people everywhere want to know more about.

Nearly everyone at Kevy has, in some way, been a part of a start-up outside of Kevy – I guess you could say it is in our blood. Once you taste the freedom and energy that comes from life inside a start-up, it is hard to ever go back.

Fortunately for us we are a part of a very unique and exciting start-up. Kevy’s founder is none other than David Cummings, founder of Pardot, and Kevy is located in the Atlanta Tech Village (ATV).

Here at the ATV, start-up is life and the entire community is in it together. From razor scooters, x-box, fully stocked fridge, love sac’s, shuffleboard tables to the weekly ‘start-up chow-down’ lunches – Kevy is an amazing place to be.

Don’t get me wrong – a lot of brilliant work stems from within these walls, but the culture is a part of a growing movement to make work a place you want to be, not a place you have to be.

Take a look and judge for yourself:

BrookeandKatie Drinkstation PingPong RazorScooters   thesacworkatvspace2movingbrandon