Change your Cold Call Perspective

July 18, 2013 | Don Pottinger

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Cold calling can sometimes seem like a daunting task to for a sales team, but if a team is well prepared it really shouldn’t be scary! When a sales person picks up the phone to make calls their success rate depends on their perspective. How do you change your sales teams’ perspective on cold calling so they don’t feel like doing this to the phone every day?

The answer is simple:

1) Preparation – Do your Homework on your Prospect by utilizing the tools that are available like Social Tools. (But remember Don’t Be Creepy!)

2) Introduction – Be clear and choose key phrases to introduce yourself and your company.

3) Questioning – Take on the Consultant Role vs Sales Person. Remember to be objective, you still aren’t to the selling step!

4) Listen and Interpret – Listening is key. Sometimes sales people are so amped-up for their cold call and ready to “spew” all of their great knowledge, selling points and info about their product they forget the KEY part of selling is listening.

5) Inform and Educate – Once Sales people have mastered the listening step they are now more equipped to inform, educate and be a true consultant. STILL NOT SELLING.

6) Set Demo – This is the selling part. You now know what their pain points are and have started educating them, now it’s time to switch gears to your pitch and set up a demo.

how sales people typically see cold calling how prospects see cold calling done poorly what successful cold calling should be
  • fearful
  • boring, repetitive
  • unpleasant
  • pressurised
  • unimaginative
  • rejections
  • thankless
  • confrontational
  • unproductive
  • demoralizing
  • unhappy
  • numbers game
  • nuisance
  • unwanted
  • indiscriminate, unprepared
  • pressurising
  • tricky, shifty
  • dishonest
  • reject, repel cold callers
  • shady, evasive
  • contrived
  • insulting
  • patronizing
  • disrespectful
  • honest/open
  • straightforward
  • interesting/helpful
  • different/innovative
  • thoughtful/reasoned
  • prepared/informed
  • professional/business-like
  • efficient/structured
  • respectful
  • enthusiastic/up-beat
  • informative/new
  • thought-provoking
  • time/cost-saving
  • opportunity/advantage
  • credible/reliable
  • demonstrable/referenced

Changing your perspective and slightly altering your tactic in cold calling will drastically impact your success rate as a sales person. What else, what are some other tips for cold calling?

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