Favorite Cloud Apps for Start-ups

August 1, 2013 | Don Pottinger

Being a member of the Atlanta Tech Village, a community of over 300 start-up members all running businesses under one roof, there is always buzz on who is using the latest cloud app and how it’s helping their businesses. With so many great apps out there how do you know which ones are right for your business?hearts connected

Many of the conversations  here at the Village tend to focus on the best cloud apps for start-ups and SMBs that meet the these top requirements:

Cost – Cloud apps are generally more cost effect than comparative stand-alone applications. Since most start-ups are extremely cost-conscience, they prefer to use apps that give them the most bang for their buck.

Scalability – Cloud apps tend to grow more seamlessly with your business. Companies will hopefully only be in the start-up stage for a short time so when evaluating software, it’s best to look at those cloud apps that will accommodate and scale alongside your business.

Reliability and Performance – Cloud apps tend to be more easily monitored and improved for performance. With multiple services and redundancy, your business should keep on moving without noticing any hiccups.

Security – Some companies are more security conscious than others and may have concerns with storing sensitive data in the cloud. However, most Cloud Apps have better security than some stand-alone apps – simply because they have had to address market concerns about security and now make it top priority.

Still feeling overwhelmed with the sheer number of apps out there? Below are some of our favorite apps for start-ups and SMBs

What are some of your favorite cloud apps?

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