How to Make Pop-Up Offers More Effective And Less Annoying

February 4, 2015 | Don Pottinger

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We are all familiar with the notorious pop-up offer. You are on a site and suddenly a box pops into view asking for your email or offering a discount. While they may seem trivial, these small boxes can have impressive impacts on your bottom line. But not all offers are equal and you can certainly venture away from effective and into the land of annoying if you don’t manage these well.  Let’s take a look at how to make your pop-up offers more powerful and less intrusive.


Conversionxl has a great article that outlines several key metrics that have improved by implementing the correct pop-up strategies to add value and reduce annoyance. In their article, they found that the best time to push a pop-up is at the 60 second mark – “This is where most people make the decision whether or not they’ll leave or stay.”

Every site is different, so the key to the perfect timing is to test (which we will get to in a second!).

Triggering a pop-up at the right time will help capture emails and also gives you the opportunity to engage users that were flight risks. Take a look at how Shoptiques utilizes a delayed pop-up offer.  By the time the offer came into view, users were already intrigued by their products so the benefit of the offer encouraged more users to buy.

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Catering your content to individual users will be (we dare to say) the biggest difference in effective vs. annoying. Use rules to host pop-ups unique to the viewer. For example, Kevy allows you to set rules such as “produce a pop-up once a viewer has looked at an item ‘x’ number of times.” You can also make decisions on what the viewer sees. The pop-up can be a picture of the item they view, an automatic 10% applied to their cart or a free consultation by signing up.

The ability to customize color, content, pictures, size, etc. truly allows you to effectively create the right offer based on your customer and store brand.

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Kevy – Add rules to customize each offer to unique shoppers

We are all familiar with the pain of lost revenue that comes with abandoned carts. SeeWhy has done extensive research on ecommerce buyer behaviors and they have found that while 99% of new visitors abandon carts, 75% intend to return to the site.

75% is a huge opportunity. This is where we suggest implementing a pop-up for return users who have abandoned their cart. 


With the multiple ways to customize your pop-ups, you have an opportunity to choose email captures or instantaneous offers. The instant 10% coupon code is effective in immediate conversions, but you may also want to think about the impact of building your subscription base by capturing the email.

Timing helps increase your email database. WPBeginner implemented triggered pop-ups and was able to increase their subscription base from  70-80 new subscribers daily to 445-470 each day. That is an increase of 600%!

The opportunity to build a growing relationship with your current and potential customers is huge, and the best way to begin that relationship is through capturing their email. Darren Rowse has a photography blog where he decided to add a pop-up subscription option. The results were great: Darren’s subscription rate went from about 40 new and verified users each day to 350! Check out the chart he shares below:

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Testing is tedious and time-consuming but can lead to far better results for your pop up endeavors. At Kevy, we are big fans of testing everything. Test the timing, size, color scheme, offer and placement to see what gives you the best conversion rates.

While content is important, timing (like we mentioned earlier) is a critical metric to test. Crazy Egg had a user test pop-ups at 15 second increments. After monitoring several different time frames, he found that his users were most likely to opt in at 60 seconds. Testing this metric allowed him to increase subscriptions from 10-15 a day to 100 – 150 each day.

Aesthetics is also a huge factor for shoppers. Monitor the look of your pop-ups to know which one is most compelling. In the same Crazy Egg article, another client increased conversions by 36% just by making the “enter your email here” visible when typing in the box. Little tweaks like this can make a big difference in your bottom line. You just need to test and iterate.

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Pop-up offers are a simple but powerful way to increase revenue and engage more users. These little boxes are one of the few ways you have to be proactive with engaging buyers. Don’t go overboard, no one likes a pushy-friend, but be sure to offer an incentive in return for their information. Even if it is small, the incentive will show them you care and appreciate their business. Then you can follow up and continue engaging them throughout their buying journey.

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