Customer of the Month: Spotlight On Blinc

September 2, 2015 | Admin

spotlight on blinc

blinc has quickly grown to become one of the largest beauty companies world wide. The company has won countless awards and is disrupting the cosmetic space with their mission to provide safe and exceptional beauty products that redefine how makeup should be made, applied and perform.

With their wild success, we wanted to place blinc in the spotlight to get a behind the scenes look at how they grew and what they are working on now. So here’s peek at all things blinc:

How did blinc get it’s start? Was there a clear ‘ah-ha’ moment about the need for better cosmetics or was it more organic in it’s growth? 

blinc was founded in 1999 with a mission to solve beauty problems by perfecting beauty products. When blinc CEO’s spouse brought to his attention that she has yet to find a mascara that does not smear, smudge, flake, clump or run – blinc mascara was born. This first ever tube-forming mascara erupted on to the beauty scene, completely changing the way mascara should apply, perform and remove.

 The cosmetic industry is fairly competitive, how do you stay ahead of the competition?

Innovation is in the DNA of the blinc brand. We don’t put our name on just any product that is similar to what is already out there. We create new concepts. Our tube-forming mascara was a very important contribution to the beauty industry. And today, we have peelable eyeliners, eyebrow mousse, and the thinnest eyeliner pen on planet Earth.

blinc has an impressive online presence – how do you stay current and what is trending with consumers? 

We find it important to not only engage with our consumers on what is trending now, but also foreshadow their beauty needs for the future.   By utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we are able to truly listen and interact with our consumers to create products that fulfill what is missing from their beauty regime.

What sets you a part from other cosmetic retailers – how have you been able to retain and build loyalty with your customers?

blinc has redefined how cosmetics should perform. Our loyal customers rely on our products for that prestige level of performance – including how easily they are applied, how incredibly well they hold and how easily they are removed.

We are impressed by blinc and the great things they are doing. Thrilled to have them as a Kevy customer and can’t wait to hear how they grow.

How are they using Kevy?

Blinc wanted to increase subscriptions for new visitors, so they implemented a custom Kevy pop-up to not only capture emails, but to see exactly how much revenue the pop-up was driving for their store.
In only a few days, Blinc was able to see a notable increase in conversions as well as track exactly how much revenue was gained from the offer.  Blinc has see a 50% conversion rate from anonymous visitors since the launch of Kevy offers.

Quick Tips on Pop-ups:

The power behind Kevy’s pop-ups is in our custom rules. Rather than show the same offer to every visitor, you can customize each offer to target a specific group of people. Lets take a look at a few examples!

Visitor Settings: 

You don’t need to require email submission for all visitors. Why? Because converted customers have already given you their email, so don’t force them to repeat the same action when you already know who they are. Instead, set rules to only request an email if the visitor is anonymous.

Rule Settings:
After differentiating between Visitor and Customer, you can create highly personalized offers using rules.  For instance, choose to only show an offer to customers that are in your VIP program. Or provide an offer to encourage conversion If a customer looks at a certain product more than 5 times without adding to their cart.

Timing Settings:
When a new visitor lands on your site, it may be overwhelming to encounter a pop-up in the first few seconds. Instead, wait until the second or third page before revealing the pop-up offer. At that point, the visitor will be more engaged and may have even seen a product worth that 10% off coupon you are touting in exchange for their email.

Maximum Views:
Ever been bombarded by pop-ups? Even after you click the small ‘x’ in the top right corner, it still manages to pop up on each page you visit. With Kevy you can set parameters of how many pop-ups a visitor can see in each browsing session to protect their on-site experience.

There are countless ways you can customize Kevy pop-ups. These are a few ideas, but the best thing about our rules, is that you can mix and match to fit your unique goals.

If you want more details or best practices on pop-ups, let us know, we would love to help.