4 Predictions about Mobile App Development Trends in 2016

October 29, 2015 | Admin


From shopping to hiring a cab, mobile apps are increasingly becoming a significant part of our daily lives. According to a BI Intelligence report, purchases made through mobile devices increased 48 percent year-over-year to around $8 billion in the second quarter of 2014. Another comScore report suggests that over 60 percent of web traffic for the nine biggest US retail websites came from mobile devices in July 2014 and most of them originated from mobile apps.


Mobile app development trends

At present, mobile devices account for 22 percent of all retail eCommerce sales in the U.S., which is expected to reach 27 percent by 2018. In fact, almost one-third of eCommerce sales originate from mobile devices and majority of them are in-app sales.

Mobile apps are therefore on rise and this isn’t only limited to retail landscape. From gaming and entertainment to enterprise apps, it is almost impossible to live today without them, making these apps the fastest growing category in contemporary mobility market.

Consider the following stats:

According to a Flurry Analytics study, the average US mobile consumers spend 86 percent of their “smartphone-time” on apps. The study found that smartphone users spend around 2 hours and 42 minutes on average on mobile devices, out of which app usage commands 2 hours and 19 minutes.

As of May 2014, mobile devices account for almost 60 percent of the total digital media time spent and 51 percent of that time was represented by app usage.


Digital media trends

Another Nielsen report suggests that smartphone users spend around 89 percent of their media time in mobile apps, and the remaining 11 percent on mobile web.

Given these statistics, it is obvious that mobile apps are all set to make ubiquitous presence in the coming days. It goes without saying that you should use them to your advantage, if you haven’t already. And this requires you not only to stay updated about the latest trends in the mobile app development landscape, but also apprehend the future trends well in advance to survive the market competition.

Here are 4 predictions about mobile app development in 2016.

  1. App Security Comes At The Fore

A Gartner report forecasted that over 75 percent of mobile apps (representing 3 out of every 4 applications) will fail basic security measures through 2015. This issue kept the app developers on their toes all through this year and likely to remain their prime focus in 2016 as well. Let’s take Apple for example. The iOS 9 platform is already known for its high-end security features and developers need to ensure that their apps can run securely, without compromising the integrity of the iOS platform.

The security measures for Android app development is also likely to get even more austere as Google too is beefing up their security protocols for Android 6.0 Marshmallow. There is no way you can overlook security gaps in your mobile applications if you want to see them in the app stores.

In fact, these strict security protocols are quite understandable, given that apps today are increasingly storing personal and highly sensitive information including bank details and SSN of the user. Any kind of security gaps can result in hacking and information leaks, which has already been a major headache for app developers this year. You will therefore need to seriously act upon mobile app security in 2016.

  1. App would be Cloud Driven

Cloud technology played a major role in mobile app development throughout 2015 and this is likely to continue in the coming years as well. The reasons behind the upsurge of cloud-based applications is basically two-fold.

First, developers can keep the actual size of their mobile apps small, thanks to cloud-support. This further allows them to manage the bandwidth and prospective memory issues better. Secondly, users can sync their apps across multiple devices because of cloud compatibility. This is in fact a necessity, considering the growing usage of multiple smart devices and wearable tech.

With cloud compatibility, developers can now build apps that provide same features, functions and data across multiple devices. As you can see, cross-functionality between platforms like iOS and OS X is already on rise and Android and PCs are also following the suit.

  1. Enterprise App will Receive More Traction

There has been a dramatic rise in number of mobile apps available on the app stores. As of July 2015, Google Play Store has over 1.6 million apps, while Apple’s App Store has 1.5 million available apps.


mobile app development trends 2

Among all these apps, enterprise apps receives the maximum traction, soaring over consumer apps. Almost 20 percent of global developers are targeting enterprises, owing to their monetary benefits. Moreover, studies also indicate that 43 percent of enterprise app developers are making over $10K in a month, whereas only 19 percent of consumer app developers make a similar amount. This alone explains developers’ ‘love’ for enterprise apps.

This trend is likely to continue in the coming days as well. It is estimated that almost 35 percent of all large enterprises will have their own mobile app development platforms by 2016. Gartner even predicted that by the end of 2017, the market demand for enterprise mobile app will outrun the IT organizations’ capacity to deliver them by five to one.

  1. The Internet of Things takes Center Stage

Internet of Things is already a big thing, thanks to the buzz created by Google Glass, iWatch and other wearable techs. And now, it is all set to take app development to the next stage. According to Cisco, “IoE Creates $19 Trillion of Value at Stake for Companies and Industries.” TechNavio too predicts that IOT market is expected to grow 31.72 percent (CAGR) between 2014 and 2019.

Gartner, on the other hand, estimates that the revenue generation for IoT product and service suppliers will exceed $300 billion in 2020. And if you are to believe World Economic Forum, over 5 billion people will be connected to each other, across 50 billion things.

So don’t let Internet of Things take a back seat in your app development strategy just because Google Glass failed to live up to the expectation. The truth is, wearable smart devices will remain unabated. Take motivation from the burgeoning success of iWatch. Apple has put major challenges for WatchKit developers with their launch of watchOS 2 this year.

To remain in then competition, you will not only need to make app extensions for watch but also create applications that logically fit the functionality of such wearable devices. The app-count for Apple Watch has already crossed 10000 and it is expected to grow at least three-fold by the end of 2016.

What Does This All Mean? 

Some of these mobile app development have already gained momentum while others are making a steady progress. But there is no doubt that they are going to make significant marks in mobile app development landscape in 2016 and beyond. If you are yet to try your hands on these trends, it’s high time to brace yourself to create the ultimate mobile experiences for your users. And of course, be prepped and excited for all the innovations 2016 is likely to bring along with it.

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Jaykishan Panchal is a content marketer at MoveoApps, an iphone app development company. He enjoys writing about Technology, marketing & industry trends. He is tech enthusiast and love to explore new stuff. You can follow him on Twitter @jaypanchal8.

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  • I agree with your all points. Here, “4. The Internet of Things takes Center Stage”
    i.e really grow very fast to upcoming year. I think, It’s not the app technology. We are moving towards “Nano Automation”.

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