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AI-powered audiences in your favorite ad platforms.

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The Kevy Advantage

Retargeting shouldn't be expensive and time-consuming.

Kevy reveals your high-value website visitors by ranking them based on their engagement level.

3x your retargeting campaigns

Boost your retargeting campaigns by focusing on visitors most likely to purchase.

Level up your lookalike audiences

Unearth untapped audiences by using highly engaged visitors to create lookalike audiences.

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How it Works

Kevy analyzes how visitors engage with your website, ranks each visitor in real-time, and sends the ranking directly to your ad platforms.

Install with Ease

    You can get it up and running in a few minutes with a one-line script.


  Analyze With Artificial Intelligence 

  We use AI to understand how visitors engage with your website.

Rank Visitors in Real-time

Kevy automatically ranks each visitor in real-time based on their engagement level: Low, Medium, or High.

Supercharge Your Retargeting and Lookalike Audiences

Use engagement-based audiences on your preferred ad platforms.

Integrate Instantly

Kevy works with your Ad, eCommerce, and CMS platforms.

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