Kevy is joining Furious Collective!

September 19, 2019 | Don Pottinger

Last updated on February 17th, 2020

We’re pleased to announce that Kevy has been acquired by Furious Collective!

Over the years, our mission has been to help businesses grow through ecommerce marketing. As our customer list has expanded we’ve added features that help them put their ecommerce data to use by driving insights and converting those them into messages at just the right time to drive new revenue.

Recently, we met Dave Kloba and Rob Meinhardt from Furious Collective and we hit it off. More than that, when we learned about Furious Collective’s other software properties (FormKeep, 99Inbound, Teamsmith and FormBakery) we knew that they had the experience and passion necessary to care for Kevy customers and keep building a great business. What started as deep discussions about business and market opportunities turned into an exciting offer to join the Furious Collective.

We’re working now to integrate our systems and teams. As part of Furious Collective, Kevy will continue to run and manage your campaigns just like yesterday. In addition, you can expect continued innovation and growth as we continue to invest in and grow the business.

“Once we got to know the team at Kevy and understood the deep technical solution behind the product, we became very excited about the opportunity to join forces and make an impact in the market.”, says Dave Kloba co-founder of Furious Collective. “Don is a great founder and has built a fantastic solution that’s needed in this space.”

If you have any questions please to reach out to us at

— Don Pottinger