Check out Kevy’s Youtube Videos!

July 9, 2020 | Admin

We’re pleased to announce that Kevy has an official Youtube channel!

Kevy Video Youtube Channel

Other than an active blog, videos are also one of the best ways to make engaging and personalized content. We want to act on the importance of personalization, so with our videos we want to show our awesome platform, covering basics on things like designing your first email and using the triggers feature.

We understand that FAQs can be quite a read, so if you’d like a visual step-by-step on our automation processes in action, our videos are the best way to check out what Kevy can do. This also gives us a chance to give you ideas on how to better take advantage of Kevy’s many features for your personalized email automation platform needs.

Not only did we set up a Youtube channel, we also made a dedicated page for our videos on the website!

We have 3 videos right now, and more will be coming soon. Like our videos? Leave a comment in our live chat support!