New Feature Updates: Personalized Popup Offers

February 11, 2016 | Admin

Last updated on April 24th, 2020


Have you ever been shopping at one of your favorite online stores and seen a popup asking you to give them your email to receive  “10% off for new customers”?  If you shopped even a little online, I’m sure you have seen this tactic. The problem is, you are not a new customer, you have shopped there before. So how is it that they do not know you by now?  This is a problem that hundreds of online retailers face daily.  They see how powerful popups can be in growing their subscriber list, but that means they are simultaneously annoying their consistent, loyal customers.
This is is a huge headache for ecommerce – which is why we here at Kevy set out to fix it.  Kevy lets you customize and deliver popups based on your customer’s unique behaviors.  That means multiple people could be on your site at the same time, and see different messages based on where they live, what they have purchased or what products they are viewing.   Two people could land on your site simultaneously, the new visitor may see a popup asking them to “sign up for new customer discounts”, while the repeat buyer may see a popup thanking them for their loyalty.
We are excited to announce a few new features that makes this powerful tool even more impressive. Take a look at our updates below – and if you want to see them in action, let us know, we would love to take you on a tour.

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  1. Add all new subscribers to a segmented list
  2. Track revenue using the new dedicated coupon code tracking field
  3. Show popups on individual page URLS
  4. Select between a Call to Action or Email Capture popup template

Add New Subscribers To A Dedicated List

personalized popup offers

Segmentation is nothing new, but finding easier ways to segment is gold for busy marketers.  To help make the segmentation process simpler, we’ve added the ability to take action after someone interacts with a popup.  You are now able to add visitors to one of your list segments, or send an email autoresponder to follow up with all new subscribers.
Quick Tip: Rather than sending a single email, try building out a welcome series directly from the popup settings page.  To do this, simply design your popup, click on the Action tab, and add the actions you wish to occur after a visitor submits the offer.

Track revenue using the new dedicated coupon code tracking field

As a marketer that cares about results, you may want to know how much revenue each popup brings to your bottom line. This helps you gain direct insights into which popups generate the most revenue, and which popups deliver highest engagement.  We wanted you to have an even easier way to track revenue through popups, so we added a coupon tracking feature. This lets you set a unique coupon code for each offer, then any order placed that uses the designated coupon code will be automatically associated as revenue gained from the corresponding popup campaign.
To learn more about this feature – check out this How-to guide.


Show popups on individual page URLs

Do you want to highlight a promotion or a new product line?  Many online retailers want a way to highlight a promotion but only to visitors that may be interested.  To do this you can determine the exact URL that will house the popup. This helps you narrow the ‘annoyance factor’ of popups because the only people that see it will be those that land on the page URL you set.
Quick Tip: Want a popup to show on a page without products (i.e. a blog or contact us page)? No problem. The URL specific popup is perfect for you.

Select between a Call to Action or Email Capture popup template

Personalization is one of the most important factors in engaging and retaining your customers. But personalization can be difficult – our goal at Kevy is to make it simple and scalable. You can select between two goals of the popup: capture an email address, or, provide a call to action message.
You may want to ask your new visitors for an email, but give a ‘thank you’ popup to any of your returning loyal customers. To do that simply select your audience, your template, and set your popup free!

New Subscribers Popupnewsubscribers-popup

Loyal Customers – Thank you Popuployalcustomers-popup

There are hundreds of ways you can customize the shopping experience, our job is to make that process easy and powerful. If you like what you see, or want to see more, let us know. We would love to take you on a tour and chat about how we can use popups to engage and convert more of your customers.