Product Update: Advanced Reporting!

October 11, 2018 | Daryl Lu

Today, we’re excited to announce brand new advanced analytics reporting to help marketers be… well, better marketers!

We’re always in touch with our customers, but recently, we went further by gathering specific reporting feedback from them. We are thrilled we received some great input from our daily users — usually Directors or Managers of Marketing.


Today, marketers in Kevy can access detailed email reporting in their Send Center. For each email send, marketers can find new reports including:

  • 24-Hour Performance – understand email open times and possible optimal email engagement times
  • Top Links Clicked – understand what links and calls-to-action resonated most with customers
  • Contacts with Most Opens – check out who the most engaged customers are with respect to email opens
  • Contacts with Most Clicks – check out who the most engaged customers are by clicks

These reports complement the existing email analytics reports in Kevy. These include revenue generated, email delivery, open rate, click-through rate, and more.

Caption: Kevy’s Advanced Reports for Emails includes the email open history by location.
Caption: Kevy’s Advanced Reports for Emails includes the email open history by location.

But wait, there’s more!

*cue cheesy infomercial voice*

Click on the Advanced Reports tab at the top of the email campaign, and marketers can dig into:

  • Email Domain Performance – Review email deliverability to customers based on their email provider
  • Email Client Performance – Where and how are customers opening their emails? Which email clients should be optimized/ tested more closely? How to design emails and the e-commerce store in regards to screen resolution?
  • Top Opens by Location – Where are customers? Understanding where customers are helps marketers better plan campaigns. For example, marketers can promote for locations or dive into macro-economic influences

We’re excited about helping marketers be better marketers. Therefore, brands can engage customers more meaningfully — all while being resource-conscious. Thanks to all of our customers who continually provide the feedback to help us make everyone better marketers.

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