8 eCommerce Trends for 2018

February 11, 2018 | Don Pottinger

Last updated on July 15th, 2020

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The eCommerce industry is continuously evolving. And with the various developments taking place, it is essential for businesses to keep up with the latest trends in order to thrive.

These trends and advancements can serve as guides as you shape the direction of your business. Some of the trends for 2018 may have been around for quite some time now. But they still need to be considered and noted.

Are you ready to embrace change and keep moving forward? Here are the eCommerce trends that you should constantly pay attention to this year:

Mobile Optimization

Consumers nowadays are after purchasing with ease. Aside from building mobile apps or mobile-friendly sites, businesses now utilize the digital wallet technology to optimize their services and their market’s mobile commerce experience.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is not just a popular channel but also an effective advertising platform for eCommerce businesses. It helps boost the brand’s online visibility and create a loyal community, so better keep up with this trend this year! For added knowledge and guidance, you can learn from various social media advertising guides that can easily be accessed online. 

Supercharged SEO and Content Marketing

One of the goals of businesses is to get high search engine rankings. This is why it’s important for eCommerce businesses to pay attention to search engine optimization and content marketing. This year, focus on improving your SEO efforts and developing new content types to drive more traffic and increase conversion rates.

Email as a Vital and Powerful Channel

Email remains a powerful and vital marketing strategy. In fact, a research conducted by The Relevancy Group revealed that email drives more revenue than all social media and other channels combined. Therefore, it would be smart for eCommerce businesses to use email to sell to their customers.

Personalized Marketing

eCommerce brands that are able to provide exceptional customer experience have more chances of becoming successful. And one great way of bettering customer service is through personalized marketing. Disney is a brilliant example of a brand that uses the power of personalization. Like this popular and successful company, you can also personalize your brand to gain more customers and succeed.

Emphasis on Continued Engagement

For businesses to thrive, they need to continue to find ways to engage their customers. This year, focus on customer engagement by building a solid customer relationship management. Chat with your customers, solve their issues, and stay connected to have more loyal customers and sales. 

Growth in Voice Search Usage

Personal voice assistant apps like Siri, Bixby, and Alexa will get even bigger this year. And searching using these programs will have a huge effect on the eCommerce world. Better watch out for voice search trends this year to make sure that your business stays visible and relevant.

Increased Omni-Channel Sales

Advertising and selling using multiple channels is the way to go. So for 2018, eCommerce brands better consider different omni-channel sales options. Aside from having a webstore and selling on eBay, brands can also use Facebook and Instagram to sell their products/services.

These are just a few booming trends that eCommerce brands need to keep an eye on. No matter the nature and size of your business, consider these trends to improve your customer experience, grow your brand, and make 2018 your year!