Creating Better CTA Buttons

April 6, 2015 | Admin

Last updated on April 13th, 2020

A Call-To-Action (CTA) compels people (perhaps potential customers) into doing a precise number of responses. They can greatly improve your conversion rate. They are, in a way, a form of advertising for your company or service. With the correct methods, a CTA can be a significant asset to conversion rate optimization.

But what makes a CTA really stand out?  Let’s take a look at how you can begin creating better CTA buttons.

How to Create Better CTA Buttons

Content and Design

Using the correct words can make or break your CTA. A Call-To-Action should be two words at least and five words at most. It should direct and/or command people so use verbs like “Click”, “Join”, and “Shop”. It should also sound compelling and urgent. One example is by saying “Click before it’s too late”.

Here are some compiled examples from big brands and their CTAs:

How to Create Better CTA Buttons Netlfix Brand CTA

AppleTV+: “Watch Now”
Netflix: “Try 30 Days Free”
Spotify: “Get Spotify Free”
Intercom: “Success Starts With a Great Product”
Zoom: “Sign Up, It’s Free”
SkillShare: “Start Your Free Trial”
Canva: “Don’t pay for images – Get Canva Pro!”
Trello: “Sign Up — It’s Free!”
Upwork: “Real Pros, Real Fast. Get Started”
JoinHoney: “Apply Coupons”
Chick-fil-A: “Tap into the Chick-fil-A experience”

How to Create Better CTA Buttons Trello Brand CTA

Choosing the right verb to use in your CTA is crucial for captivating your audience. Countless studies have been done to find which CTAs produce the most clicks and highest conversion rate. For example, ‘buy’, ‘order’, ‘purchase’, and ‘shop’ are a few top CTAs in the ecommerce industry. Using these words will catch your audience’s attention and help you capture more visitor contact information. Keeping your CTA brief is also key. A couple words is ideal such as “Shop Now!” or “Sign-Up Today” but it is often recommended to keep it under 6 words. The CTA should clearly depict what the visitor will get for entering their information so that they feel more compelled to take action.

The design should also contribute to grabbing your audience’s attention. Choosing a contrasting color that still flows nicely with the overall design will make your CTA pop. The CTA should be large enough to stand out, but not distract from the other content in your email or on your landing page.

Another thing to take into consideration when designing your CTA is if it should be static or in motion. Pop-up offers containing CTAs are becoming more and more popular. Kevy has a pop-up offer tool that makes it easy to implement these motion-based CTAs onto your eCommerce site.

The Placement

The best thing about a Call-to-Action is that it can be placed in a lot of things; whether it be on Google, an Email Campaign, social media, or even your own website.

A Call-To-Action needs to stand out in order to be effective. One needs to place a CTA in an easy-to-find place. One way of doing that is by making the CTA pop out of the page. It all depends on the creativity, really. All you need to remember is that your CTA needs to be noticeable and attention-grabbing. 

Source: MarucciSports

No matter which channel you choose to use, the CTA should be placed in an easy to find spot that flows well. While there is debate over the best location for a CTA, most would agree that placing it above the fold makes the best sense so that visitors don’t need to scroll down to see it.

The Value and Relevance

It’s important to not only think about yourself when creating a CTA but also the consumer. The consumer needs to be motivated to click the button and the button needs to provide the consumer some sort of value. What is the consumer going to get out of clicking the button? As mentioned earlier, including a CTA on a pop-up offer is mutually beneficial. You will capture the potential customer’s email address and the shopper will receive a coupon to use on your site.

Value and Relevance CTAs

When it comes to CTAs, best practice is to test various content, designs, and placements to see what works best for your site. Once you experiment and find what works, you will be gaining and retaining an abundance of customers!


CTAs are ways of inviting people into a lot of things, from signing up for a website to purchasing products or availing services. They can play a very vital role in your company’s functions. If used well, they can be a way to improve one’s conversion rate, and in turn, your business’ overall performance.

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