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March 9, 2015 | Admin

Last updated on June 14th, 2016

kevy Compelling Email Marketing

The number of apps, widgets, templates and features that are now available within emails can seem overwhelming. There is always a new opinion or thought on how to make your emails more compelling. These tips are nice, but can often become noisy. So how do you wade through the noise but still reap the benefits of email optimization?

We decided to research this to reveal a few of the most lucrative features and point out the key areas you can use to convert more readers into buyers. Lets take a look at how you can create more compelling email marketing – starting with getting the reader to actually open.

 Subject Line

The first thing your reader sees when checking their inbox is the subject line. Captivating the viewer with an intriguing subject will not only lead to better open rates, but is directly correlated with higher click-through rates. The key to an enthralling subject line is the use of action words. Using subjects like ‘Don’t Wait! Shop Our Sale Now’ will catch a potential customer’s attention more than simply saying ‘Sale Happening Now’.

It is also important to make sure your subject is clear and to the point. While creativity is good, marketers sometimes tend to take their wittiness too far, leaving the audience confused. Keep it short and to the point so the reader knows exactly what they are about to open.


 If you aren’t segmenting your email lists, now is the time to start. Segmented email campaigns produce 30% more opens than untargeted messages. List segmentation allows you to send the right emails to the right people by dividing your contact list into subsets based on behavior or demographics. This is the easiest way to personalize your messages.

Emails can be personalized based on characteristics like age, region, and gender, or past purchase history, products viewed, favorite brands, and how often a customer buys.

 Kevy Compelling email marketing kevyGIFs

 Along with personalizing your message, adding a fun element such as an image or GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) can produce a higher click-rate, not. GIFs, or similar visual elements, can make your customers enjoy and connect with your brand far faster. The liklihood these readers will forward your humorous GIFs onto their friends is higher which means you, with a single email, can reach a much braoder audience than before.

But you will need to hop on the train quickly – nearly 52% of marketers use animated GIFs in their email campaigns, and the majority of email providers are now able to support GIFs.

 For online retailers, GIFs can showcase multiple views of a product or easily show how a product works or can be used.

kevy email marketingTiming

We’ve all heard the age old saying, “timing is everything”. This is true for your marketing campaigns too. There are many studies that prove 2:00-5:00pm is the best time to send emails because that is when the most are opened, but the timing to really think about is based on each individual consumer.

For example, if a customer leaves items in their cart, send them a follow up email to remind them to complete their purchase. If a customer recently made a purchase, send a thank you email to show you appreciate and recognize their loyalty. If you see that a visitor has been continuously browsing a certain product, send them an email including a coupon to get them to jump the fence and finally convert.

Triggers can be set up to automatically send these type of emails based on the actions of your customers and site visitors.

When crafting your next email ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my subject clear and catchy?
  • Have I customized the email so that it provides value to the recipient?
  • Have I included an image or GIF to make the email fun and further engage the viewer?
  • Is the timing right?

 Following these tips will result in high open and click-through rates, and in turn help you generate more revenue!

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