How to Use Abandoned Shopping Cart to your Advantage

December 18, 2013 | Admin

Last updated on June 10th, 2019

Prevent and Recover Shopping Cart Abandonment

70 percent. If that was the discount percentage off in your email marketing subject line, you would probably see a very high click-through rate. Unfortunately, I’m not talking about a discount, I’m actually referring to the percentage of people who jump ship after placing an item in their online shopping cart. That’s right – according to a recent study, 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Ouch.

In the height of the holiday shopping season, a number close to 70% loss of sales can really hurt your bottom line. But it does not have to be a total loss. Just how can you prevent your online shoppers from leaving your eCommerce store without a completed purchase? Well, there is some research surrounding why customers leave your store. Let’s take a look at a few quick tips to prevent and recover shopping cart abandoners, and actually use the information to your advantage.

1. Shipping costs

This could very well be the make-it or break-it point for the cautious customer. Your numbers may very, but an average of 44% of online shoppers abandoned their carts because of high shipping prices and another 22% abandon their carts because the seller did not mention shipping costs at all (Source: Forrester). Well good news – this is an easy fix and here’s how:

  • If possible, provide free or flat-rate shipping. This will give your on-the-fence shopper an extra push to finish their purchase. In fact, 93% of shoppers in a recent survey said that free shipping would encourage them to purchase more products online. TWEET THIS!
  • Make sure the prices on your website are clear and there are no hidden costs. It’s not just about the consumer getting a good price – it’s about transparency and trust to build a following of loyal customers. This goes for your return/refund policy as well.

2. Registration

One of the reasons people shop online is for the convenience – so keep your ecommerce store that way. A simple, streamlined checkout process is key, but also consider whether or not your registration process is actually doing its job. It can be helpful to capture customer names and email addresses, but don’t let it take away from the ease of a customer’s check out experience. Two effective ways to take advantage of registration:

  • Allow users to log in with their existing social media accounts. The benefit is two-fold: you can capture social information regarding the customer to gain a better grasp of who they are and they can log in with one click. No need to create an account when their social account already exists.
  • Allow users to bypass registration and continue as a guest. An eConsultancy survey found that 26% of online shoppers abandon cart because of forced registration. TWEET THIS!

3. Recovery email

Once a shopper has abandoned their cart, don’t worry – there is still a chance! It is amazing what kind of information you can learn about your customer by what they browse – so send a follow-up email reminding them to come back. Stay at the forefront of their mind  though a targeted, personalized email, provide a coupon or (going back to #1 ) offer free shipping on the item they left behind.

Here are some ways you can use email to bring them back:

  • Integrate your ecommerce store with your email marketing. Once your cloud apps are talking to each other and syncing information, it makes segmenting abandoned cart shoppers into your lists very easy. In this case, the shopping cart abandoner’s name and email address would sync to your email marketing platform.
  • Email within the first hour of the abandonment. 90% of leads go cold within the first hour (MIT Research).

So you’re saying there’s a chance?! Yes – an abandoned shopping cart does not have to be a total loss. It is possible to close the sale with a smart plan of action and recovery email. Use these simple tips to re-engage your customer and enter into an authentic relationship with them.