Killer Content Marketing Ideas for Online Retailers

April 5, 2016 | Admin

Last updated on June 23rd, 2016

You’ve got a beautiful web store, an inventory of great products, and now it’s time to acquire some traffic and convert leads to sales. Content marketing for ecommerce involves creating engaging content to generate viral traffic to your store. Here are some secrets for creating content that truly converts.

#1 Find Long Tail Keywords, and Follow the Rabbit

At the bottom of a search page on Google, you will find a list of similar search terms. The search for beach dresses delivered the following similar searches: beach dresses and cover ups, beach dresses for weddings, summer dresses, forever 21, sundresses, beach dresses online, beach dresses for wedding guests, and maxi dresses.


When you click through these search terms, you will get another list of them at the bottom of the page again. This never ends. By following the trail of “long tail” keywords, you can find many “long tail” keyword search terms that you may not have otherwise been able to come up with. This is how you can create a list of SEO terms to optimize your content for. As you create content, this tactic will help you generate infinite content ideas. Follow the rabbit as far down the hole as you dare.

#2 How to Use Quizzes for Retail Engagement

There are countless platforms to generate quizzes for use on your website, in your blog, or as standalone content for social media. You can create quizzes on topics in your niche for customer engagement and viral outreach. Make sure the content is relevant. If you sell pet products, then create a pet care quiz (Test Your Knowledge, etc.). For makeup sales, you could create a quiz about finding the right lipstick color for you. The topic will depend on your desired outcomes.


First you’ll need to make sure that your quiz is in alignment with your brand and marketing goals. Use creative, well-written, and fun content in your quizzes. Then, make sure that you ask for users’ contact information before they get to see their results. Always ask test takers to share, rather than automatically posting to their facebook wall, in order to avoid being spammy. You can embed sharing buttons right into most quizzes.

If you really want to generate some buzz, try offering test takers with high results — this only works for knowledge based tests — a discount code for your ecommerce store, or another reward. Once you find the quiz solution that works for your business, recreate the experience from time to time, improving through enhancement while keeping the aspects of your tactics that worked well the first time.

#3 Try Offering Video Tutorials & Behind the Scenes Videos

Video tutorials and behind the scenes videos are a great way to cross-promote your products on your website and Youtube or Vimeo. Users are most likely to share tutorials that are helpful or entertaining to a broad audience — for the most impact, viewers should not need to be familiar with your brand in order to find value in the video. Wendy’s Lookbook has a video, “25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 minutes,” that has over 35 million views.


Ensure that your website and your Youtube or Vimeo profile are completely optimized and that your profiles link back to your website as well as social media profiles. Include any pertinent information — website URL, etc. — in your video description.

#4 Make Sure Product Promotion is Subtle

Once you’ve created your content — website copy, quizzes, videos, or other — you need to make sure that it links back – immediately or through a network of links — to your products before it goes live. As you followed the rabbit to come up with your SEO strategy, the idea is that your customers should want to follow the rabbit to your retail pages. This is the goal of B2C promotion, and it is an art.

Your video descriptions and quiz results pages should never contain a call to action like, “Click here to see beautiful dresses.” Instead, be subtle, and offer value and enticement. If your profile link is the only link viewable from the moment a lead finishes viewing your content, that’s fine. If that’s the case, include another link on that page. You can link directly to your website homepage, or to a landing page setup for converting leads.

#5 Make Use of Content Creation Productivity Tools

Technology is your friend, and there are a ton of marketing and productivity tools that make the promotion game much easier. Here’s a list of some popular tools for content creation:

  • HubSpot – Try a free trial of the all-in-one content machine before you sign up for a monthly subscription.
  • PromoRepublic – This is a great tool for beginners to advanced SMM professionals and small businesses with editable templates for promoting on Facebook, Twitter, and more.


  • Hootsuite – This is the industry standard for SMM, offering posting and widgets for every social account but Pinterest.
  • CoSchedule Headline Analyzer – When coming up with headlines for your blog, newsletter, or anything else, this headline “grader can be extremely helpful.


  • Asana – Task management helps keep you in line with your daily content marketing goals.

In Conclusion

The art of content marketing for ecommerce is like a lost treasure, and you’re just found the map. Keep exploring. Use long tail keywords, quizzes, videos, subtle promotion, and productivity tools to make your expedition easier as you use this guide to unlock the chest.

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