How to Personalize Pop Up Offers With Kevy

April 8, 2015 | Don Pottinger

Last updated on June 14th, 2016

Kevy pop up offers

Pop up offers can be a nuisance. But when executed correctly, they can be extremely effective.  Here at Kevy, we have been working extremely hard to make marketing as personal and behavior-driven as possible.

In doing so, we have created a rules engine that will allow our customers to truly create meaningful pop-ups that will enhance the user experience.

In addition, we want to see powerful revenue increases for you. Unbounce shares a great post about the do’s and dont’s of pop up offers. In the post, the author shows that implementing a pop-up converted almost 15% of every reader that found her blog.

Whether capturing new users through a pop-up or offering a call to action, we want to ensure pop-ups are less intrusive and increasingly advantageous for both customers and shop owners.

 Customize Design

How? Start by customizing the look, placement and timing of the offer.

Kevy pop up offers

We suggest to start by designing the offer(s) to best reflect your brand. Make sure your text and color palette complement your core colors. Selecting the type of email, screen placement and image is best done with A/B testing. Keep track of subscribe rates and make sure to change all of your pop-ups based on audience responsiveness.

 Get Personal with Rules

With Kevy, you can control every aspect of your offer. Decide which offer takes precedent (we hope you create multiple), what triggers the offer (time on a page, viewing a certain page, viewing a certain product or even adding a specific item to your shopping cart).

We make rules based on page-views, brand, geography, recency of site visit and/or purchase, product, monetary based rules and shopping cart based rules. With so many options, it can feel overwhelming. However, pairing these rules will enable you to get personal with your users.

Tip: We recommend limiting the amount of times a pop-up reappears to a user. For example, while they may fit the criteria to receive a pop-up, create a limit of 2 pop-ups within a certain time frame.

Also, make sure to create a special offer for brand new visitors. Superusers are also a great target for a custom offers. For example – users that spend at least $X amount annually on your site.

Our goal at Kevy is to have visitors rethink pop-ups and the stigma associated with offers. We want these personal offers to be impactful and create a personal experience for the shopper and more loyal customers for our partners.

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