Use Customization To Increase Conversions

December 18, 2014 | Admin

Last updated on June 14th, 2016

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Creating a personalized shopping experience through customization is not a new concept, but the execution is often missing from ecommerce stores. Now more than ever it is vital to take a customized approach to your store. Companies like Stitch Fix (featured image) have made personalized shopping the foundation to their entire business – and it is seen in their massive success. You may not be ready to go fully customized, but there are a few ways you can incorporate customized features that will directly impact your bottom line.

Let’s see how you can increase customer traction with a few simple customization techniques.

Kevy personalized-shopping-customization

Store Front

Customization comes in many forms, but most recently stores are focusing on how to customize their storefront for higher conversions. Shoppers are drawn to certain styles, layouts and designs. For optimal conversions, ensure that your site layout is  easy to read and highlights the most popular items first.

One way to do that is to take a look at your order history and highlight the products that are your best sellers. And format matters! CXPartners did an eye tracking study that proved single column layouts convert better. A subsequent study was completed by Unionen that tested mentioning benefits in a bullet point list verses paragraph of text. Bullet points resulted in a 15.9% improvement.

Want some easy wins to optimize your web store for greater revenue potential? Try these:

  • Feature a daily or weekly deal on your home page
  • Highlight categories with the most site traffic
  • Design a mobile friendly website
  • Customize your in-store discounts based on past purchases


Email marketing accounts for more than 7% of all ecommerce transactions, making it the second most effective ecommerce marketing channel behind search (15.8%). Email isn’t going anywhere, which is why customization matters immensely for this channel – especially for ecommerce stores. Email customization results in up to 750% higher CTR and more revenue for ecommerce sites.

With the proliferation of noise, it is non-negotiable to deliver custom, valuable content to each individual customer.  And it is proven that customization will give you results. Roughly 61% of consumers say they feel better about and buy from a company that delivers custom content. But customizing emails can be overwhelming. One way you can do this is through triggers.  However, if you do not have behavioral triggers set-up yet, you can still take advantage of email customization – just start with a special event or order history email.

In a study of 10,000 birthday and anniversary emails sent by Experian Cheetahmail customers, personalized birthday mailings had almost 5x the transaction rate of bulk mailings.

Kevy personalized-shopping-customization


When you walk into a brick-and-mortar store, your senses are immediately consumed by your experience: what you see, smell, hear and touch. This is slightly harder to replicate while shopping online, but creating a unique customized experience will result in long term loyalty and impressive revenue.

Mashable published an article, recently, featuring Shane Ginsberg President of Evolution Bureau – a San Francisco-based ad agency. Shane stated that: “Companies need to think beyond the desktop, ecommerce is not a singular experience anymore — it’s part of a shopping continuum.”

Online businesses must customize their experience to fit the desires of their customers. This is where companies like Stitch Fix thrive. Stitch Fix has found immense success because they do customization well.

Think of the feeling you get when you walk into your favorite store or coffee shop and they know your name. This same personal touch can and should be added to your online experience. From your mobile app to support, be sure your tools are integrated seamlessly so a buyer feels less like a number and more like a person.

Customization is quickly becoming an overused term in the world of ecommerce marketing. Yet it is no less important. Increasing traction through customization takes thought and a little bit of work, but the results prove themselves directly in revenue. As ecommerce grows so will our shoppers expectations. Everyone wants to be a ‘regular’ somewhere – try to make that somewhere your store.

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