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March 28, 2016 | Admin

Last updated on June 14th, 2016


Anyone who knows me knows I am a total podcast junky.

Nearly all of my stats and stories originate from these beautiful little miracles of radio. Whether I am working out, driving to work, or cleaning the house – podcasts are the first thing on my listen list.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the mood for a great story, or want inspiration for starting your own business – there is a subject expert for everything.

Because of my compulsive listening habits, I am asked constantly which podcasts are the best. The answer is completely dependent on what topics you want to hear, but today, I want to focus on the top ecommerce marketing podcasts. (But if you want other great recommendations, write in the comments section below and I can share a few of my favorites!) 

shopifymasters-top-podcast-kevyblogShopify Masters

There is no better way to start your ecommerce podcast journey than with the masters of ecommerce: Shopify. This is an official podcast by Shopify that focuses on telling the stories of store owners and entrepreneurs.  One of my favorite parts of this podcast is that it offers practical strategies that you can use to grow your own store.

ecommerce-fuel-top-podcast-kevyblogeCommerce Fuel

Host Andrew Young does a fantastic job of immediately engaging you with each episode. This podcast focuses on tips, strategies and stories to help online store owners take their business to the next level.

But this show is not all rose colored glasses, Andrew shares stories of the highs and the lows of ecommerce to help you every step of the way.

mywifequiteherjob-top-podcast-kevyblogMy Wife Quit Her Job

One of the most unique realities of ecommerce is that the industry is comprised of average people looking to improve their lifestyle without sacrificing their way of life. Most online store owners bootstrapped their business as an after work hobby until it overtook their day time salary.

My Wife Quit Her Job features stories of people, just like you, that built their business from the ground up. These stories will help motivate you to take your store to the next stage of growth.

Self_Made_Entrepreneur_top-podcast-kevyblogSelf Made Entrepreneurs

This is a podcast that will, without a doubt, kick you into growth mode. Host Jason Bax finds successful entrepreneurs that have actually turned ideas into dollars. It is not limited to only ecommerce store owners, but you would be surprised by how many success stories originated from the online retail space.

It is an interview style podcast and focused on focuses less on tips and tricks, and more about how these success stories came to be.

marketingOverCoffee_top-podcast-kevyblogMarketing Over Coffee

If you want to get the latest tips and trends in the wild world of marketing – this is the perfect podcast for you.

It is discussion style so you feel like you are joining in with a group of friends chatting about marketing at your local coffee shop. One of my favorite aspects of this podcast is that it features both tips and current news to keep you on the front lines of marketing.

startup-podcast-kevyblogStartUp by Gimlet

This one will have you hooked from the first episode. It follows the story of Alex Blumberg as he gets his first company off the ground. You will listen as he pitches his idea, raises funding and experiences the stress of becoming an entrepreneur. It is not solely about ecommerce, but the stories told and lessons learned apply to any business owner – no matter what the product.

They have already started season 2 following a second start up – so if you have never listened, start with season 1!

These are only a few of the top ecommerce marketing podcasts available. With so many storytellers, topics and styles, you are bound to find a few favorites. Soon you will find these podcasts are a vital part of your personal growth and business strategy.

And before you hit the road – check out this bonus podcast:

Bonus Podcast: Snap Judgement

IMG_3442This podcast has nothing to do with ecommerce or marketing, but it is one of the best story shows around. Hosted by Glynn Washington, Snap is the perfect escape into the lives of people all over the world.  It gives you perspective and lets you enjoy life through the eyes of people different from yourself.

I got to meet Glynn at SXSW2016 and hear him tell stories live – a definite highlight of the trip!

Want other suggestions? Write me in the comments below about what types of podcasts you want to hear!