We’re Launching Our New Kevy Free Trial!

July 13, 2015 | Admin

Last updated on June 14th, 2016

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Ever bought a car without taking a test drive? Or house without doing a walk-through? Probably not, and you shouldn’t have to. When you are purchasing something that will last, you want to be sure it fits your life and standards before pulling the trigger. Well, same thing should go for business platforms.

You are tasked with growing your business, so finding the right tools is a massive part of that. So why be forced to buy without trying? We agree completely, which is why we are beyond excited to announce the new Kevy Free Trial.

With this free trial you can poke and prod and test and try whatever you like. You are in the driver seat to get a behind-the-scenes look at what Kevy’s platform is all about. So go ahead, build your own email template, design a custom pop-up offer, or create triggers based on our advanced rules engine. And if you like what you see, you can decide to signup for your own account anytime. Our pricing is month-to-month, so you don’t have to lock into a contract if you don’t want to.

We know marketing automation is a pivotal piece of your overall marketing strategy, so there shouldn’t be any surprises when it comes to the tools you use. Below you will find more details on the Kevy story, our features and for all the technical brains, a little insight into what goes on behind the curtain to make Kevy work in real-time. If you are more of a ‘learn by trying’ kind of person, go ahead and hop right in – we will be right here if you have questions!

ecommerce marketing automation kevy FreeTrial

Why eCommerce Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation has typically been a tool reserved primarily for B2B. There are very few tools that embody true automation for the ecommerce, B2C world. Early on we noticed two distinct platforms for online retailers: (1) Reporting and (2) Email Marketing.  But we also noticed that these two systems only scratched the surface when it came to ecommerce marketing. We found plenty of great reporting and analytics tools, but data without action is just….data. These platforms gave impressive insights, but didn’t quite answer the question ‘Now what? What can I do with this information?’.

As Evernote CEO Phil Libin says: “Feedback is great for telling you what you did wrong. It’s terrible at telling you what you should do next.”

On the other side of the aisle was email marketing. This is an unbelievably powerful tool and still reigns king as the highest revenue driver for ecommerce store owners. But, buyers are increasingly sensitive to inbox clutter and are looking for more personalized experiences to connect with their favorite brands.  So Kevy decided to marry these two, but didn’t stop there. We added powerful features on top of this foundation to not only enable action on insights, but create one-to-one, behavior based interactions with each customer.

What Features Will You Find In Kevy?

We have a deeply rooted understanding of the importance of integration when it comes to effective marketing. There are dozens of tools and apps, but if they do not all work together, your data will be fragmented. So rather than add to the list of one-off tools, we decided to combine the most effective tools into one, powerful platform. We combine email marketing, triggers, real-time reporting, cart recovery, custom pop-up offers and much more. But the best part? All of your efforts are in one place so you can use our closed loop reporting to see exactly how much revenue each effort is driving for your business. From email trigger > to open > to click > to purchase, we track it all just for you.

Here are a few of our favorite features:

  • Email Marketing: All of your email needs under one roof. Newsletters, mass promos or behavior-based triggered messages.
  • Behavior-based triggers: Predict buyer intent and send highly targeted, personalized messages based on customer behaviors.
  • Real-time reporting: Gain a 360° view of your business with our integrated, segmented and customizable reporting.
  • Cart Recovery: Recover and engage abandoned shoppers while accessing trends to prevent abandonment in the future.
  • Pop-up Offers: Create personalized pop-up offers that are unique to each customer’s order history and online behaviors.
  • Multi-channel Marketing: Combine all of your stores into a single marketing platform for more holistic insights and ROI reporting.

How Does Kevy Work?

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 5.18.21 PMMagically. Actually it isn’t magic at all (though it sometimes seems like it when you see your data flow in real-time as shoppers take action on your site).  We are actually built on Rails, MySQL and utilize ElasticSearch for the real-time reporting.

When you decide to upgrade your free trial to a live account, we will provide you with a specific JavaScript code to implement onto your website. There are some customization requirements you, or a developer, will need to complete to be sure the right data is tracked in the right place. But we walk you through each step of this over a quick phone call or through our Knowledge Base, so you will be setup and running in no time.


Pricing is simple and transparent because you have enough going on in your life to worry about decoding a complicated pricing structure.  We have three plans ($750, $1,250, $2000) based on how many contacts you would like to email. Here are some FAQs on our pricing:

  • How many emails can I send a month?  We provide you with unlimited email sends so you aren’t hit with an overage charge. Send as many as you like, you won’t get charged extra for using our system.
  • Is there an on-boarding fee? Absolutely not. We don’t believe in charging people extra to learn how to use our system. We offer a dedicated 30-day on-boarding process where you will have access to a dedicated account manager, best practice guidelines and even a technical setup call with one of our in-house developers.
  • Do I have to lock into a contract? Nope. We have a variety of plans to fit your individual needs. You can opt for our month-to-month plans with no contract limitations or you can select our 6 month or 12 month contracts.
  • What is the benefit of a contract when I can just pay month-to-month? Great question savvy shopper.  We charge based on marketable contacts. As your contact database grows, you will be charged extra for each block of 10,000. But, if you opt for a contract, you can lock into your initial contact rate for the full term without having to increase your database limits. We will only revisit your database size at the renewal date. That means you can grow exponentially without cost. If that wasn’t good enough, there is also a 15% discount if you do annual prepay on our 12 month contract.
  • Can I start month-to-month, then jump to a contract? Of course. We make sure you are comfortable with the platform and can upgrade you at any point in the process.

What’s Next?

We are always looking for ways to enhance our customer experience and add features that make your business grow faster. We also understand that Kevy is not necessarily strategy in a box, but a powerful tool to help you achieve your marketing goals. So, we offer dedicated account managers that can help you along the way. If you have questions about Kevy, our trial or want to get started, let us know. We would love to hop on a call or show you a demo so you can see Kevy first-hand!

Click the button below or contact us anytime at: info@kevy.com or call at 404-860-2255.