Why Do Shoppers Abandon Carts – And How To Prevent It

March 4, 2015 | Admin

Last updated on March 30th, 2020

Kevy why do shoppers-abandon-cartsInfluencing customers to return to their abandoned shopping carts is a growing trend in the ecommerce world, and for good reason. Approximately 63% of abandoned merchandise is potentially recoverable by savvy online retailers. Often shoppers do intend to return to make their purchase – some may just need a friendly reminder.

In order to successfully drive potential customers back to your website, it is important to understand some of the reasons they leave items behind to begin with. So why do shoppers abandon carts? Lets take a closer look into some of the top reasons and what you can do to bring these shoppers back.

  1. Unexpected Costs

56% of shoppers say being presented with unexpected costs is the reason they don’t complete their purchase. 32% say the overall price (with all added fees) is just too expensive. Luckily this is an easy fix to lure your shoppers back in. One way to do so is with popup offers. Popup offers can be strategically set up to appear right as a potential buyer navigates away from the site. Coordinates Collection does a great job of this and entices people to buy with a 10% off offer.

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Another way to get visitors to come back is by sending a follow up email reminding them that they left some merchandise behind. Often time these emails also include an offer such as a percentage off or a free shipping code.

To prevent abandoned carts in this scenario, make shipping costs and any other hidden fees known up front.

  1. Complicated Checkout process

 Most people choose to shop online because it is convenient and easy. After adding items to their cart and realizing that the checkout process is going to be more involved than they hoped, they may choose to just give up and leave. Allowing your customers to check out as a guest is a great option to offer for those in a hurry. The best part is that you will still benefit by being able to capture their email address and contact information when they input their billing information.


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  1. Looking for a Coupon Code

When customers see a place to input a discount code at checkout they are determined to find that “secret” code. Sometimes, if they do not find what they are looking for, the customer abandons the purchase opting to wait for a coupon code to become available again.

 Luckily this can be overcome by sending the potential buyer exactly what they are looking for – the coupon code.

If a customer is unable to find a coupon they may resort to looking elsewhere for the same product. Make their shopping experience easier by sending a coupon within 24 hours after they have added items to their cart. This will also show your loyalty to the people who have visited your site.

Customers abandon for a myriad of reasons but the good news is that with a few simple precautions, and automations, you can convert more customers and drive greater revenue to truly impact your business.

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