Winning Customers and Increasing Conversions

December 10, 2014 | Admin

Last updated on June 14th, 2016

Kevy Increase-Conversions

Email customization results in up to 750% higher CTR and greater revenue for ecommerce sites.”

Email customization should be the cornerstone to any email marketing efforts you implement for your business. Email marketing is the second most effective way to reach customers and increase buyers, but this could easliy slide into the #1 spot if developed well.

There are two key areas that will help you win customers and increase conversions when it comes to B2C email marketing: Customization and Reactivation.

Customize, Customize, Customize.

It used to be that location, location, location was the first step to a retail success. If you were physically located close to your markets, you were in prime position to increase revenue year after year. But with the boom of ecommerce, the location no longer matters, you can bring your products and services to anywhere and everywhere your customers are.

Now, the secret behind success is in customization, and ensuring each customer feels like an individual rather than an anonymous number. Roughly 61% of consumers say they feel better about and buy from a company that delivers custom content. This can come in many forms but there are a few emails we have seen that handled this well.

Williams-Sonoma does a fantastic job of customizing their emails for each customer.

Take a look at the top right corner – that is the email receiver’s nearest location AND phone number. So the recipient can purchase online or stop by their local store.

Best part? The ‘We’ve Missed You” note. The shopper has clearly been MIA for a while and Williams-Sonoma wants them to know they are missed. Then they included a fantastic deal to encourage the buyer to return. Which is exactly what the reader did – return and buy.

This leads us to our second revenue builder: reactivation.

Kevy increase conversionsReactivation = Revenue

Howards Storage World did a segmentation study for their customers over a period of 12 months to test loyalty.  They found fascinating insights about reactivation instead. They segmented customers into five categories based on engagement and loyalty. Then, they targeted certain groups with various incentives (gift cards). Overall, segmenting provided them a $250,000 revenue increase in just a matter of months.

They clearly discovered that segmenting is valuable, however, the most surprising finding was that reactivating dormant customers was far more profitable than incentivizing loyal ones.

Loyal customers are already giving their best business. Another discount may not encourage them to shop more than they are already doing. As long as your quality remains stellar, and support is top-notch, they will continue spending, on average, the consistent amount.

The big bucks are often seen in reactivating customers who may have gone cold, or simply forgotten about you. Take this email for example:Kevy increase conversions

They saw I had not shopped in a while so Snapfish sent a customized ‘You are missed’ email that included a fantastic discount (50 free prints!).

Sending messages like this, and the Williams-Sonoma email above, will help incite inactive customers to return and purchase from you long-term.

There are a few ways you can begin reactivating customers – it can start with something as simple as automation.


Automating campaigns like above can be simple if using event-based triggers. For example, if a customer shops with you frequently, or spent a certain amount on your products, you can send a customized thank-you email with incentive to return. Alternatively, if a customer hasn’t purchased anything in a certain period of time, you could create a triggered reactivation campaign that lets them know they are missed and encourages them to return.

These are only two methods you, an ecommerce retailer, can win customers and increase conversions. There are countless other opportunities companies have seen impressive results through email.

Try using automation to trigger these campaigns then test them and see which works best. The key to growth is try, test and repeat what worked. By tapping into a market like dormant customers, you can see dramatic growth in your revenue.

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