How it Works

Kevy integrates directly into your ecommerce platform to build a robust profile on every customer with artificial intelligence. Then, we give you the tools you need to personalize and automate every aspect of your marketing including advanced segmentation. Strengthen loyalty and grow your revenue through our powerful marketing tools:

Know Your Customers

The first step to personalize your marketing is to understand your unique audience. Kevy creates Digital Customer Profiles on every customer so you can send the right message to the right person - every time. Know who they are, what they purchased, or even what items they viewed.

Kevy's drag and drop email editor makes creating beautiful emails EASY!

Beautiful Emails, Designed To Sell

Our powerful drag-and-drop email editor lets you create gorgeous emails in minutes - seriously. But the best part is that we go beyond opens and clicks to show you the revenue gained from every email sent. Know exactly what subject lines and designs bring the most conversions for your store.

Increase conversions with advanced segmentation and AI

Tired of trying to maintain your lists manually? We hear you, so we made an easier way. Use our rules engine to create highly targeted lists in seconds, or let Kevy's AI engine automatically create more than 30 targeted customer segments. This is true automation. Now that is a beautiful thing.

Create a unique experience for every customer

No more one-size-fits-all popups. With Kevy you can show a unique popup to each visitor based on their orders and actions on your site. Ask for emails of new visitors, or welcome back loyal shoppers - with these popups you can create truly personal experiences for every customer.

Make Automation Personal

Ready to do more with less? Automate your marketing with our powerful 1-to-1 triggers. Create autoresponders or entire email series based on the actions and orders of every customer. Finally you won’t have to rely on batch-and-blast sends to convert your customers.

Reporting to Know What Works

Opens and clicks are nice to have, but great marketers want to know how their efforts impact the bottom line. We can show you that. We integrate directly into your shopping cart so you can see exactly what each campaign, email, trigger and popup is bringing to your business - down to the penny.

Better marketing is within reach.

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