15 Best Mobile Apps for Small Business Owners

December 12, 2013 | Admin

Last updated on April 16th, 2020

Mobile apps have been a quick and efficient means for people to use in their everyday life. As of 2019, a record of 204 billion apps have been downloaded.  Almost always, if there’s something you need, there’s an app for that.

Viber and Messenger aside, we’ve pulled together the must-have mobile apps for the busiest small business owner to help you stay organized, efficient and continue working on-the-go. Here is our list of the best small business apps on mobile for general productivity, time and project management, communications, CRMs and payments.

General Productivity

1. Evernote: Allows you to store and share your notes, images, web clips, organizing ideas, and business projects at home or on the go. With an auto-sync feature that allows for a quick and easy availability between platforms (Desktops, smartphones, and tablets).

2. Pocket: Finding content for projects or when on breaks.  Pocket is a mobile app that allows you to save articles, videos, news, and information for you to read or view later. Once saved the list of content is available on any device even when offline. 

Time Tracking

3. Toggl: How much is your time worth? One time tracking  mobile app allows you to track your time to create invoices for clients and is especially useful for small businesses that are paid based on work time. Ideal for logging billable hours for your work. Toggl allows for tracking where your time goes and helps in the allocation for different projects. 

4. Harvest: Tracking work hours are helpful in knowing how long a task will take to complete, and to tracking your hours and expenses on a team. Harvest allows for tracking specific projects, clients and tasks with notes for you to recall what you’ve worked on. 

Project Management

5. Basecamp: A well known mobile app among project management apps and easiest to use. Its interface is intuitive and streamlined making it easy to invite and chat within projects, attach files, track project progress and create checklists.

6. Trello: A web-based project management solution that is easy-use, flexible and highly visual. Available for both desktops and mobile and allows you to organize your projects with cards that can be dragged across from list to list depending on the project’s current status. 

7. Asana: Asana is a more text-heavy app that has a flexible interface that allows you to easily prioritize projects, chart your progress visually, as well as chat with members within the projects. It also allows integration to productivity management and calendars for a more efficient communication and delegation of tasks. 

Team Communication

8. Slack: Communication is key. Slack, while not the most intuitive app does all for easy filters and searchers to finding what you need in a snap. This app allows for easily customizable notifications making it easy to stay in the loop. The mobile app is free, while more advanced features such as app integration starts at $6.67 annually or at $8 monthly.

9. Skype for Business: One of the most known mobile apps available. Skype for business allows for meetings with up to 250 people, and integrates with microsoft office. This business app is also being offered as part of Microsoft’s Office 365 Business package. It’s starting price options are at $8.25/user monthly on a yearly commitment or $10/user per month on a monthly commitment.  

Customer Relationship Management 

10. Keap: (formerly Infusionsoft): Best for any small business with 25 people or less who are looking to better nurture their customers. Keap is about keeping your marketing process run smoothly while managing your contacts and customer data in one place. With a range of customizable templates for launching sale campaigns, keeping track of ROIs, creating web forms and even product pages to help you manage your campaigns with ease.

11. Intercom : Focused on account based marketing. Intercom is a mobile app platform for customer messaging such as tracking customer interactions and customer support. Its platform allows integration with other mobile apps such as Piledrive and Salesforce.


12. Paypal: For managing payments, Paypal is a well known and widely used mobile app that allows options for flexible choices when sending payments or getting paid. Supporting different currencies and an added option for a card reader that you can bring on the go for transactions via Paypal here. Other features include processing checks, electronic invoices and receiving payments from a customer’s paypal account.

13. Square: For any businesses focusing on point of sale purchases. This business app provides tools depending on the type of business you’re running. Similar to Paypal, Square also offers an option for a card reader with added features in accepting chip cards and NFC payments


14. QuickBooks Online: Best for small business that requires an advance accounting service. Quickbook has features such as automatic sync to your bank account, automatically track your expenses, and even sending invoices via text message of any mobile messaging apps with the added security of an encrypted link.

15. FreshBooks: Easiest interface, an all in one small business mobile app for your invoice and accounting solutions. FreshBooks is highly visual, intuitive and easy to use with on the go offered functionalities such as tracking hours, logging receipts and sending invoice from your phone or tablet.



Whether it’s work in the office, at home or on the go there are plenty of apps that are available to make life easier. With the right tools you can easily save time and money, access information, streamline your  business process, and even make simple finance reports all with a tap of a button.

What apps do you use to make your life simpler and your business smarter?