9 Hot Marketing eCommerce Ideas for Summer 2019

June 14, 2019 | Mars Zarate

Ahh, summer. Memories may come to mind of the sea breeze, the sand on your toes, the trips to the beach, the hottest festivals or nearest body of water. With summer just around the corner, now is a good time to start your summer-themed promotions! Many opportunities for fun and engaging ideas present itself in this popular time of the year. It’s not only for the seasonal trend, but for boosting your engagement with customers!

Whatever services or products you offer, you can definitely heat things up for your business by trying any of these 6 hot ideas for your eCommerce marketing campaigns this summer!

1. Capture the Moment: Take Photos

What better way to engage with your customers than in the summer? This season is a perfect opportunity to share interesting photos on your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your summer photos can also be shared by customers and prospects alike, which would grow your user base.

This season is a perfect opportunity to share interesting photos on your social media channels, and can also be shared by customers and prospects alike.

But don’t stop there! You can encourage your customers to take their own shots and post them on your Facebook page (this is ideal for product based businesses), or to tag your company Facebook page or Twitter account for their photos with your products. You can also create your own summer hashtag for trending! Get creative – it’s all about giving a chance for your customers to participate and interact with your business in a visually-appealing manner!

2. Write Up Some Hot Summer Topics For Your Blog

Most eCommerce companies have blogs, and if you happen to have one, now is the time to write posts related to summer! Things like helpful hints on beating the heat and how-to’s that solve your customers’ seasonal problems that also happen to be relevant to your products and services are excellent blog topic ideas.

3. Freshen Up Visuals With Summer Backgrounds

Refresh your current marketing materials with hot summer backgrounds! Just a few tweaks on the color palettes, background photos and text, you can make a whole world of difference! It also makes for a personalized touch to your audience. Summer-themed backgrounds work for a variety of uses. They can be used to highlight a timely pop-up, add the summer spirit to a newsletter, and more! Customers will appreciate that the success of your store is much more than just having a great product and service, but getting into the times as well!

4. Work with the Weather with Hot One-Day Sales and Deals of the Day

Do keep an eye on the forecast, as it’s good to plan your sales ahead! Offer discounts during the summer months to help draw in new customers, retain old ones, and help spread some good and positive brand awareness. You can have hot-day and rainy-day flash deals ready to go when the temperature gets above 90 degrees or when the skies open up. You can try making offers of a one-day-only discount on your most-popular or highest-margin items. Another option is to offer a discount on one item each day to keep customers checking your social media and dropping in for buys. You can also offer “happy hour” summer deals to boost traffic during the hottest part of the day! With Kevy, offers can have time limits so there’s no need to worry about overextending or cutting your customers too short when it comes to piping hot time-based deals.

5. Make the Most of the Summer Holidays

The summer is known for their holidays. From Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day, you can expect the buyers to be looking into some sales around these days.

Think now about deals you might offer on clothes, school supplies, and tech. Gifts, party supplies, beachwear, and things to help beat the heat are all popular sellers around this season. And if you sell anything at all related to back to school or back to college, start promoting those items before the end of July. You can try combining back-to-school themes with a special offer, or have a last-party-before-school sale on your store.

Gifts, party supplies, beachwear, and things to help beat the heat are all popular sellers around this season.

6. Give personal summer recommendations

In 2017, 90% of the U.S. population found personalized marketing appealing. You need to personalize the experience for your customers based on their behavior. One way to personalize the customer experience is to recommend products based on previous website behavior and purchase history. You can correlate some summer recommendations based on the products they’ve bought before. Aim to provide your personalized product recommendations via email, or with retargeting campaigns. With Kevy’s AI segmentation, you can definitely personalize products and services to recommend your clients.

7. Add summer greetings in personal live chat engagement

With the summer heat, some customers may be in a bit of a heated mood. But you can meet this with an immediate action to get their questions answered fast! This is why Kevy places live-chat front and center. Not only is this a direct channel for customers who have questions, but it can also be a way to engage website browsers and convert them into buyers. With the quick responses, you can definitely sneak in a few summer greets for an even more personalized engagement. Small acts like these can definitely put your business on the sunny side of customers.

8. Start a summer loyalty program

Loyalty programs have been an eCommerce favorite for many years now. They have the potential to improve your relationships with customers, increase repeat purchases, gather valuable customer data, and reduce marketing costs.

Offering a summer referral program is another way to incentivize your current customers to promote your business and get their friends to purchase from you as well.

With the right planning, you can definitely start a summer loyalty program! From a customer’s perspective, they should be simple and easy to join, and the summer offers and special deals would keep customers engaged and happy, patronizing your business even after the summer days are gone. Offering a summer referral program, where an existing customer gets a free or discounted service when they refer a new customer, is another way to incentivize your current customers to promote your business and get their friends to purchase from you as well.

9. Automate abandoned cart recovery with some spice

Summer is a time of engagement, and what better way to re-engage than adopting some automated abandoned cart emails with a summer theme into your marketing campaign? Offering summer discounts to recover abandoned shopping carts might be just the thing that gets people into the heat of the moment.

Personalize automations, even for abandoned carts. A summer theme might just get people in the heat of the moment to recover their carts.

What hot marketing eCommerce idea would you like to try for this year? Want to start your summer campaign? Let Kevy help you with that.

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