How Aesthetic Intelligence Helps Your Brand Stand Out from the Crowd

September 27, 2019 | Admin

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Aesthetic intelligence isn’t merely the ability to create beauty, but also the ability to recognize what is desirable and why and how to obtain it. Aesthetic intelligence is an indispensable tool for your business and can give you an edge over other competitors. 

A great majority of products and services are bought by people, not by machines. And you need to remember that people are emotional and their decisions largely depend on how a product or service makes them feel. Most people remember a brand and come back to it because the experience they had was valuable, and it resonated emotionally. 

The digital landscape essentially incorporates two of the five senses: strong visuals and modest sound. So if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and distinguish yourself from others, you need to integrate more of your senses into your digital business proposal. As a brand, mastering aesthetic intelligence allows you to connect with customers on a deeply emotional level so much so that they don’t consider shopping for the product elsewhere. 

Choosing Aesthetic Based On Your Company Culture

Aesthetic Based on Company Culture

Whether you want something funky and colorful or prefer something that lies on the other side of the spectrum – something elegant and minimalist, you need to find out what fits your brand image and create a company aesthetic that depicts your company culture. The aesthetic, however, isn’t limited to your logo. It is the overall image and reputation that the public associates with your brand. 

Whatever themes and aesthetics that your company decides upon, especially with respect to its logo, will have an enormous impact on how your audience sees your company. The overall aesthetic of a company is a sort of makeup that can polish your company’s existing image. A research conducted by Fast Company says “Almost 85% of consumers name color to be the primary reason why they buy a particular product, and 80% of people believe color increases brand recognition”, indicating that even minute details like the colors of your logo can influence customers’ perceptions

What one needs to remember is that when you launch something like a logo, you are exposing it to a broad range of people, having rich experiences and diverse lives. The same thing will be interpreted differently by people, but what’s most important is that you send your message across so powerfully that the majority can rightly interpret it. 

Sell an Experience, Not a Commodity

Air BnB Aesthetics

Brands with high aesthetic IQs sell an experience, not a commodity. They leverage incredible aesthetics to enchant customers and keep them coming back. Take, for instance, Airbnb. Founded by two graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design, Airbnb stands out from the rest of the crowd through its extraordinary aesthetic decision-making and application of aesthetic intelligence. The brand is not only user-friendly, but it also excellently creates a sense of delight and desire for exploration. From the choice of their font to the images they select, everything Airbnb does sparks people’s imagination.

Creating Your Brand Aesthetic

Creating Your Brand Aesthetic

The number one thing that you need to do is think about the types of clientele that your business serves and figure out what fonts and images would fascinate you if you put yourself in their shoes. A branding survey is a really good idea because it may reveal many objective insights and help you take the right direction for your company.

Although your logo and color palette are a huge part of the picture, they are not only what makes aesthetics. Your brand’s overall aesthetic is an amalgamation of different elements of the customer experience. Moreover, it also includes the style of layout you use on your marketing materials, the types of in-person experiences you give or events that you organize and even your team’s attitude. Figure out what kind of “vibe” does your brand give off to your customers. 

Once you have an idea about how people perceive your company through branding surveys or through monitoring your social media feeds, you may hire an affordable logo design service, especially if you have a low budget.

Leverage the Power of UX

Power of UX

Your user experience is a vital part of your overall aesthetic. The UX of your apps, website, and digital experience makes an integral part of your customer’s experience. For instance, look at your design and layout and evaluate if the experience you’re currently offering aligns digitally or does it need to be further enhanced. Improving your user experience can be highly beneficial in the long run and further imbues the customer experience with a sense of your aesthetic. 

Engage in Visual Storytelling

Engage in Visual Storytellin

Visual storytelling is an efficient way of subtly conveying your message. Images, infographics, and videos are powerful communicators. When cultivating an aesthetic for your brand, make sure you look critically at these elements of your marketing communications. If you want to achieve a tremendous impact, consider creating visual branding guidelines that relay your aesthetic and distribute them to every department involved in marketing and designing. 

Unraveling the Secret of the Killer Aesthetic

Killer Aesthetic

There are logos that attract people’s attention from miles away. This is what you should be aiming for when implementing your brand strategies. 

Take, for example, the logo of the Siren which keeps luring people back to its coffee — wonder what makes people come back for it again? The experience. With its excellent branding, Starbucks makes itself feel like an indulgence or a reward – a luxury that anyone can afford.

In today’s highly design-and-visually-oriented market, it has become imperative to find new ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Pledging to build and define your aesthetic is an effective way to connect with customers and steal the limelight.

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