Build a Personal Brand with Content Marketing 

November 17, 2020 | Admin

When someone mentions personal branding, the first person that comes to mind is Gary Vaynerchuk. His podcast, website, blog, YouTube channel, social media profiles, and books all serve a single purpose – to help him grow a memorable personal brand. 

Gary Vaynerchuk

By producing quality content, you humanize your brand. Once they start extracting value from your content, users will perceive you as an authoritative resource. They will follow you online, ask questions, and buy from you faster.

Here is how to use content marketing to grow a personal brand.

Launch a Blog

A blog turns a personal website into an invaluable source of information. It also increases your visibility in the organic search since it allows you to optimize your content for organic and long-tail keywords. 

For starters, blog consistently. Build a monthly editorial calendar, where you would choose topics and set publishing dates.

Keep your content valuable, relevant, and insightful. Provide actionable tips and support your statements by linking them to up-to-date research studies. Every article you write should address users’ specific needs, expectations, and pain points.

Start Contributing to Relevant Websites in your Niche

Guest blogging brings multiple benefits to your brand. 

First, it is beneficial for your SEO since backlinks remain one of the most significant ranking signals. By building high-quality backlinks to your website, you will grow its authority and boost rankings. 

Second, writing an article for a popular website in your industry helps you expand your reach and drive website traffic. 

Third, guest blogging increases your industry credibility. Publishing an article on a reputable website and generating loads of shares and backlinks helps you position yourself as an authoritative industry player. 

When creating guest posts, make sure they are authentic and well-researched. Your guest articles should match your blog content and, yet, adapt to the specific needs of your host and their audiences.

Alternative Types of Content for Personal Branding

If you look at the content marketing timeline, you will notice that trends in this field have been changing at an astounding pace. Today, content marketing goes far beyond blog articles and link building. It involves a wide array of content creation and promotion practices that validate your personal brand. The goal is to diversify your content marketing strategy and experiment with your content types and channels:

  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Ebooks
  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Live videos
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Tutorials
  • Guest interviews

Grow a Fanbase on Social Networks

Social networks engage audiences and build stronger relationships with them. Above all, they humanize your brand presence and build trust with online users. Apart from promoting your blog content or podcasts on social networks, you should also create authentic social media content.

On Instagram, those could be your photos, videos, and stories that tell followers who you are. This network is perfect for engaging tutorials, fun behind-the-scene photos, and motivational quotes. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is all about networking with industry professionals and growing your authority. The content you share there should be insightful and fresh.

Finally, join relevant Facebook and LinkedIn communities. Monitor other users’ questions and provide helpful answers. You do not need to link to your website or blog articles. The goal is to increase brand awareness and ensure people perceive you as an industry expert. 

Keep Your Content Consistent

In personal branding, consistency across all channels and touchpoints is essential. No matter if a user lands on an article on your blog or opens your email newsletter, they should immediately recognize your tone of voice. Here is how to make your personal brand memorable and trustworthy:

Determine a clear tone of voice. 

Whether it is professional or conversational, once you establish your tone, stick to it. Sure, your tone of voice depends on a wide array of factors, including your target audience and industry. Every aspect of your content marketing strategy, from visuals to textual content, needs to match up with your brand voice.

Pick consistent visuals. 

Did you know that colors can boost brand recognition by up to 80%?  Every piece of visual content needs to be on-brand and recognizable. That includes your logo, colors, social media graphics, typography, fonts, blog images, and headshot. 

Keep your images and photos recognizable, too. You will achieve that by using the same image size, filters, light, composition, and styles. Have a signature – something that sets you apart in the sea of visual content. 

Have a strict posting schedule.

Posting once monthly on your blog or once weekly on Instagram is not enough to raise brand awareness and engage your target audiences. Instead of spreading yourself too thin, focus on a few key digital marketing channels and use them actively. 

Create a strict publishing schedule and editorial calendars for your blog, social networks, email, etc. The goal is to choose how often you will share content on each digital channel and determining the best time for publishing content there. 

Create a brand style guide.

A clear brand style guide helps you stay on track as your personal brand keeps growing. It reminds you of what makes you unique and competitive. Having a brand style guide is also essential to other people contributing to your brand. For example, if you hire a graphic designer or photographer, they need to know what kind of content is appropriate for you. If you accept guest articles on your blog, walk your contributors through your blogging guidelines so they can create on-brand content. 

Over to You

Content marketing plays a fundamental role in personal branding. It intertwines with SEO and social media marketing, allowing you to engage audiences at every touchpoint and deliver highly personalized user experiences. By gaining your target audience’s trust and positioning yourself as an industry expert, you will encourage them to choose you over your competitors.

How do you use content marketing to build a personal brand?

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