4 Reasons why Email Marketing is Alive and Well Amidst COVID-19

June 27, 2020 | Mars Zarate

With the current situation around the world, businesses need to step up their game. The impact of the virus can be felt throughout the world. Businesses, large or small, are struggling with how they manage and communicate. Consumer priorities have changed from luxuries to prioritizing essentials and important health products. Companies need to change their game plan if they want to keep themselves in the hearts of their customers.

Due to the circumstances, businesses have declined in their financial situations. According to an online survey, 80% of companies have expected declines in revenue, which was to be expected due to the people staying inside in their homes and keeping themselves safe inside.

With the populace keeping themselves in, we come to the problem on how we can interact and communicate with our clients. Some go to social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to keep their patrons up to date. However, these kinds of posts tend to be overlooked with the mountain of other posts flooding social media.

Surprisingly, in the midst of the overflow of news and content, email marketing is alive and well. On a survey asked by business founders, email marketing is still considered a key to business that is too important to remove.

Why Email Marketing?

Email Marketing continues to be the main method of how corporations reach out to their customers. A Hubspot survey states that 91% of end users have emails. Unless your company accounts for the remaining 9%, email presents an incredible opportunity to reach customers. Not only can you inform them on company updates, discounts, promos, new products and more, they can easily share and forward those emails to anyone they’d like. 

However, not all emails are the same. Some are sent immediately to trash without being read, others get marked as spam and segregated to spam mail. Even with those drawbacks, an optimized email can turn things around by grabbing the attention of audiences.

1: Distribution of your information with a personality

Personalization isn’t as simple as tacking on the name of the client in the email, it much more than that. It’s the act of selecting a certain email campaign that fits a certain subscriber by using the data and information you have about them. It involves knowing what their preferences are and how you can help them. 

Generalized emails won’t attract people to go to you at this day and age. Your clients would want to know how your services or products can help them especially in these dire times. By personalizing the emails you send out, you can reach out to the different types of demographics based on their age, jobs and industries.

Knowing what audiences you can cater to will boost your interaction and make it so much more appealing on how you benefit them. Additionally, getting feedback from your audiences can show you what you’re lacking. Allowing suggestions and comments will help in catering to a specific group better and even improve your brand image when your audiences know you’ve been listening.

2: Fast and cost effective communication

Compared to print or direct physical mail, email marketing is undoubtedly cheap and has a good return of investment for its value. Companies can spend up to 60% when marketing on TV, print media or internet advertising. Even small businesses can make use of email marketing since it provides an alternative for smaller budget companies and still boost sales. It is the most cost effective method for creating and fostering connections with clients.

3: Your reach can spread far and wide 

From people on their laptops to moms just browsing on their phones, email marketing is a way to reach your customers. 54% of emails are opened through mobile devices. This, along with some tips regarding when to send your email, can greatly benefit in extending your influence to consumers and potential clients alike.  

Certain demographics can also be active in other times of day though so the general advice would stick to personalizing the time to send emails. Tech-savvy audiences don’t stick to the active at night rule, allowing for a bigger window of opportunity to read your messages even at night. This, along with the fact that people are now spending more time indoors and more likely to browse the web, can help boost the chances of your email being read. 

4: You can easily integrate with other marketing strategies

While email marketing does have its benefits, don’t just stick to one thing and be a one trick pony. Businesses need to adapt as many digital marketing strategies as they can to reach their audiences as much as possible especially during this time. Using email marketing as well as other platforms like social media posts can increase audience interaction tenfold.

Producing high-quality content to share over email, on social media, and through your website’s blog is essential. For example, offering products is not enough, and you can drum up awareness for the campaign through email. Additionally, you can use email marketing to grow your social media audience by including social share buttons and CTAs within your email content. Email’s cost effectiveness dictates that it plays a big role in this approach, and emails are one of the biggest ways to communicate and engage.

Wrapping Up

These are the reasons why you should opt for email marketing in these trying times. It helps reach out to your audiences and make sure they hear your messages loud and clear. With businesses going down left and right, effectively understanding how email marketing is still alive despite the odds can help you stay afloat during these times.