8 Ways To Increase Pop-Up Engagement

July 2, 2019 | Admin

Getting potential customers to engage with ads or other marketing material for your company can be tricky. Email marketing is here to stay, and likewise, pop-ups have remained popular this long for good reason. While many people find them annoying or intrusive, others appreciate the interruption.

There’s no doubt that doing pop-ups well can be highly beneficial to businesses. Creating pop-ups require a blend of psychological knowledge and marketing skills. Good pop-ups need to appeal to people of all kinds. Try the following 8 ways to increase pop-up engagement on your site:

Display pop-ups at the right time

If a pop-up appears as soon as a person starts browsing your site, there’s a good chance they’ll exit entirely, never to return. Show them one when they’re already invested or when they’re thinking about buying something, and they’ll be more likely to engage. This works particularly well if the pop-up you display relates to what the customer is engaged in. This is because if they’re spending a sizable amount of time on a particular page, it can be assumed that they are interested in the topic.

Change the display effect

An interesting display could be the difference between your customers minimizing your pop-up or engaging with it. Gone are the days when all pop-ups appeared suddenly in the middle of the screen. Try having them manifest from a different part of the page or appear in a calmer manner so as not to annoy the reader.

Use personalization

Not all of your customers will be after the same thing. Personalize your pop-ups by categorizing visitors to your site based on how they got there. Your site would show them the pop-up that’s most likely to register with them. If they came from an article on your blog, for example, the pop-up could relate back to the topic of the post.

Photo Credit: Jay Chambers via Flickr under License

Offer a discount

Few offers tempt people more than discounts on whatever they’ve come to a website for. If you offer your potential customers a discount for entering their email, you’ll likely gain a few new names for your list pretty quickly. It doesn’t have to be huge, but should be substantial enough that it’s difficult to turn away from.

Add a permanent tab to your pop-ups

All too often, people close pop-ups instinctively, without getting a good look at their contents. On your site, allow pop-ups to be minimized without disappearing entirely. This way, if someone immediately realizes they are interested in your pop-up, or becomes curious later, they’ll be able to return to it.

Offer eye-catching design and interesting copy

Don’t overdo it with colors in all shades of the rainbow, but make sure your pop-ups are well-designed and eye-catching. Hiring a graphic designer here can help immensely. Writing good copy is important, too. While it shouldn’t be too serious, don’t use a jokey tone unless you’re sure of your audience’s preferences.

Keep it simple

Customers just aren’t going to take the time to engage if they’ve got to fill in oodles of personal information. If you want them to sign up for your mailing list, ask for their email in a way that’s likely to appeal to them. After you’ve got that information, you can then think about collecting diverse data.

Use pop-up services

If you’re struggling with your pop-ups, why not turn to the experts? They’ll know what works for sites like yours; and likely have plenty of proof to show you. Increasing your pop-up engagement doesn’t need to be complicated, and it’ll be especially easy if you have a professional weigh in.

Guest Blog Author Bio: Freelance writer Harper Reid hails from the beautiful city of Auckland, New Zealand. She has written about business, technology and marketing topics for many blogs and sites, including Trustpower. Harper shares her published work on WordPress.