New Strategies for Reaching Mobile Customers

July 9, 2015 | Admin

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According to a study by eMarketer, 4.55 billion people were using a mobile phone by 2014. Out of them 1.75 million were Smartphone users. 49% of mobile users use at least some kind of online services using their mobiles. What is noteworthy here is that highly sophisticated smartphones offer almost the same capabilities as PCs and come with the added advantage of being portable.

But this is exactly where you need to consider two important facts. First, due to their very nature, smartphones can be worthy alternatives for PCs, meaning that a lot of people will them as the sole mode of accessing internet. Second is that the internet on phones may not work the same way. Screens are smaller and operating systems are different. There are mobile only sites and networks too such as Instagram and Snapchat that you must consider while planning your promotions. When you consider these facts, you see that a separate strategy is needed for reaching mobile customers. You already know that your websites have to be responsive and you need to keep various platforms like Android, Windows and iOS in mind. But everybody else knows it too. So, let us have a look at some new ideas that may help you grow your business through mobile in 2015 and beyond.

Apps are more important than you think:

Do not be happy by just creating a website that works on smartphones and tablets. According to certain studies, 80% of the mobile internet usage actually involves various apps. People are used to installing various apps and using online services through them because they are convenient and can offer some interesting features beyond usual web experience. Your apps will depend on what kind of business you are but if you can afford to hire a developer, do not hesitate to invest a bit on apps. However, do note that the apps have to be really cutting edge to make a mark as competition is very high.


One of the easier ways to make popular apps is to create games. Everyone loves games, so these apps are more likely to be installed. This is of course more complex and not everybody has the resources to create full-fledged games. But you can always have easier alternatives such as simple quiz games where people can answer multiple choice questions and can win a small discount voucher if they are lucky. Such apps can get wildly popular and draw people to your offerings if you design it well.

Tie it in with a physical experience:

If you are a business with a brick and mortar shop or even deal in physical goods, you should try to integrate the mobile experience with the physical experience by designing cleanly for mobile or even using unique features of the mobile such as the camera. For instance, in China, Nike asked users to share pictures and get shoes made of those colors. They used Chinese mobile only instant messaging app WeChat (350 million users) for this purpose. This is an excellent example of using most recent of the technologies and services to achieve the same old goal of more and more sales.

Remember Location and Timing:

One of the unique gifts of Mobile is that you can track the location of the user all the time and it is likely to be with the person 24X7. So, use this information to lure in your customers. Send them reminders or offer them instant discounts or bonuses when the time and location is right. For instance, if you have a restaurant, you may see who is near your location during dinner time and send immediate prompts offering a small discount.

Blur the Lines of real and virtual:

Ikea created an app through which people can take a picture of any part of their home and virtually fit any furniture in those corners to see if they fit well. They could place orders once they are satisfied with the fit. In this way, they offer a virtual experience that simulates the real experience and it eventually leads to real sales.

The mobile market is only beginning to show its true potential. In the near future, not only the devices will improve but various mobile services will also evolve and show their true potential. In such a situation, any marketer must remain up to date with new developments and consistently update their own campaigns using new strategies such as the ones stated above.

Authored By: Owen Andrew

UntitledOwen is a tech writer and multimedia enthusiast who has spent several years writing for publications both in print and web format.He enjoys hanging with his children and looks forward to the Comic Con and E3 conventions every year.

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