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April 28, 2016 | Admin

Last updated on June 14th, 2016


When we first started out, we knew there were a few ecommerce platforms that we just had to partner with. BigCommerce was on the top of the list. They are one of the largest ecommerce platforms worldwide and known for their focus on driving sales for growing stores. We love their mission and are thrilled to announce we have officially been welcomed into their partner ecosystem.
What does this mean for you? It means you get to grow even faster.
We are entering a new age of ecommerce where customers want to feel a personal connection to the brands they buy from. They want to feel known and establish a relationship with stores they trust.  In order to build this relationship, retailers need tools that can engage with each visitor personally.
That is a tall order since the majority ecommerce marketing platforms focus only on generic email marketing. We hear it all the time from online retailers like you “We want to build relationships with our customers, but our platforms are separated and marketing cannot personalize interactions with customers”.  We hear you – which is why this partnership with BigCommerce is such exciting news.
Kevy’s BigCommerce integration helps you engage visitors and convert more customers – all in real-time. Finally you will have all of your marketing and sales data in one place so you can be in control of your marketing. Here is a little glimpse of what you can do with Kevy through this partnership:Personalized-behavior-based-popups
  • Build Digital Customer Profiles – Kevy pulls all of your BigCommerce order and browse data into our platform to create robust profiles for every customer. You will know what pages they viewed, what products they like, which items they ordered and so much more.
  • Take Action in Realtime – This partnership is more than a standard integration. We act as the marketing arm of your BigCommerce store so you can do everything you want to grow sales. Send emails, show dynamic popups or launch triggers based on the actions people take on your site.
  • Track Revenue of every Campaign – ROI-tracking-for-all-campaignsTired of vanity metrics like open rates and click rates? We are too, which is why Kevy shows you the actual revenue gained from all of your marketing efforts, down to the penny. You will know how much each email, trigger and popup is worth for your business so you can spend your time and resources on what works.
  • Create Beautiful Emails, Designed to Sell – Kevy’s sweet spot is in our behavior-based marketing, but we are also your full-scale email marketing solution. Send all emails through Kevy and track the revenue to know which message converts.
  • Segment Easier – We all know segmentation is the cornerstone to great marketing. But most stores are trapped by how manual it is to segment their lists. This integration brings all of your data into one place so you can use Kevy’s rules engine to segment your lists in minutes. Use our drop down list of rules to build segments based on product views, orders made, location, loyalty or even date of purchase. You set the rules, we do the work.

Why this matters?

A recent report revealed that nearly $83 billion was spent on retail between April – July and that online shopping accounted for nearly all gains in retail sales.  Those are huge numbers for the retail industry – but even bigger news for ecommerce.
Everyone is shopping online, which means the need for true dialogue is greater now than ever. The best retailers use platforms that help them connect with, engage and retain their target shoppers. Which is why we are making it as simple as possible to get the benefits of Bigcommerce and Kevy at once.
Interested in transitioning to BigCommerce? Learn more about this growing ecommerce platform here.
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