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May 15, 2014 | Admin

Last updated on June 14th, 2016

Stupid Cancer StoryThe 411 on Stupid Cancer:

Location: New York, New York
Industry: Non-profit
Integrations Used:
Bigcommerce – MailChimp
Bigcommerce – Salesforce

The story:

I’m too young for cancer”.  At just 21 years old, Matthew Zachary was diagnosed with brain cancer. A college senior, composer and concert pianist, he couldn’t comprehend the words the doctor was saying.

Matthew was told he may not survive the next 6 months let alone perform again. Like many in this situation, Matthew felt alone with no idea where to turn to for help, resources or care.

Miraculously, Matthew survived and made it his mission to ensure no one else had to walk through such difficulty in the dark. So he created a non-profit in 2004 that has grown to become what is now called Stupid Cancer.

In a few short years Stupid Cancer has become the largest nonprofit of it’s kind. Because of this fast growth, it became clear early on that they needed help to keep up with such enormous growth and to scale with a small team.

Kenny Kane, EVP of Stupid Cancer, came on board as employee #2 in the summer of 2010 and enlisted a variety of cloud apps including Bigcommerce, MailChimp and even Salesforce.

 “We have a small team so we can give as much back as possible,” said Kenny. “But this means we need to be 10x more efficient than a typical business which is why features like integration are so vital to our organization.”

When did you realize you needed integration?

As a non-profit we want to create as many avenues as possible for people to give and contribute…this means we have lots of lists on lots of platforms. We knew there had to be a better way to integrate and update all of this siloed data.

We even attempted integration ourselves, but nothing was automated. If it isn’t automated, than it isn’t effective. We may as well do it manually. Then we stumbled upon Kevy.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but for the first time our data was flowing back-and-forth automatically. It was a beautiful sight!

How did integration help your nonprofit?

It helped our team almost immediately. When we weren’t spending hours a day cleaning up and updating our data, we could spend more time creating resources that can help save lives. Quite the trade-off.

What integrations do you use?

We currently use two integrations: Bigcommerce & MailChimp as well as Bigcommerce & Salesforce. We use both very differently.

Bigcommerce and MailChimp

This is one of my favorite integrations. It enables us to get a better, more complete view of our contacts and orders. We are able to segment more effectively using the purchase information we get from Bigcommerce and send better, more personalized emails.

We can send a specific email to people that have ordered t-shirts, or another email to people that have ordered multiple products at different times. We have so much data since Kevy makes it all unified, it is honestly up to us on how to segment. We aren’t limited by just contact data anymore so our emails are far more engaging than before.

Bigcommerce and Salesforce.

After seeing how well our Bigcommerce and Mailchimp integration worked, we decided to add another. We now use Kevy to integrate our Salesforce as well. We have so many lists of donors, users and customers. With this integration we can have one place that houses all of this information. It gives us peace of mind we have a backup of our data across systems and makes sure we have the most accurate and updated information.

stupid cancer teeNow what?

Kevy integrations honestly helped us turn the unknown into the known. We had so much rich data, we just couldn’t utilize it the way we needed to.

But the best part, is giving us our time back. With the integrations flowing constantly behind the scenes, we have more time to help cancer patients and survivors. And this is our mission. We didn’t join Stupid Cancer to do administrative work or maintenance, we did it to help cancer patients and survivors live a more fulfilled life. The day-to-day work is necessary to reach this mission, which is why it is such a relief to know that integration is taken care of whether we are paying attention or not.

Our mission is to build community, improve quality of life and leave no survivor alone. Integration helps us get back to living out this mission more fully.

Give Back!

Kevy feels privileged to work with such an amazing, life-changing nonprofit. If you are impacted by their story, want to donate or purchase something from their store, feel free to visit ‘’.

Like them on Facebook or visit their store. StupidCancer

Stupid Cancer_KennyKane_Circle

Kenny Kane, EVP and Co-founder Stupid Cancer. 

Kenny came on board in 2009 as an intern and joined full-time in 2010 as employee #2 and co-founder. Kenny had an instrumental role in the charity’s rapid growth. Kenny oversees national aspects of daily operations, IT, content, mobile and communication strategies. 

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