Scaling Sales: What Are the Most Crucial Product Marketing Activities?

March 30, 2020 | Admin

Last updated on April 2nd, 2020

Any business out there wants to be able to sell more and expand their operation. When a startup goes over a certain phase and starts making a profit, the entrepreneurs immediately start to think of ways to scale sales so they can make the business grow consistently from one month to another. It’s no secret that you need to focus on marketing activities to achieve that. However, with a wide range of marketing channels and approaches, you need to identify which one is the best pick for improving scales and taking your business to the next step. We put together some ideas and tips on how to achieve what you desire. 

However, before talking about actual marketing activities to boost up scales, we’re going to take a look at what a company needs to do to be prepared for scaling sales. The first thing needed to boost sales is getting a sales team. Once you take that step out of your way, you need to focus on the following aspects. 

Make Sure Your Team is Trained on Messaging and Positioning

There’s no point in sales team investing if they’re not 100% on point with what customers to speak to and how to position your product according to their needs. Start by figuring out who’s your target audience, explore their pain points, and how exactly your product addresses them. It’s amazing how many people in product marketing forget about this step, thinking that if they reach out to more people, they will get better results. Why try to catch fish with a huge net when you have the means to find out where the biggest fish are and a rough idea on how to get them?

Of course, this is just half of the picture. Because you also need to start the marketing work with your own sales team and make sure they are aware of the product they are selling. Besides awareness, you also need buy-in. It makes it possible for the sales team to adopt your product. That means they will be able to internalize a selling system that is going to be more efficient in the long run. 

Establish Most Critical Sales Tools

You are sure your sales team understood the product, and each member is capable of developing a selling strategy of his own. Now it’s time to focus on the various sets of tools they will need along the way. We are well aware that the term “tools” is quite broad and can include anything from phones, standing desks, or even pricing documentation. That’s why you need to sit down and talk with both the marketing team and the salespeople and identify the critical items needed to be able to prioritize.  

Once you have a list of critical sales tools, work on the way to get them ready in the shortest time possible. It’s better if someone inside the company takes care of this process because he or she will be personally invested in the project. 

Don’t Forget About Feedback Loops

Even when talking about something complicated, people would still love to be able to leave feedback about the concept. So, when selling your product, making sure that a feedback loop in place is mandatory. Your sales team can come with valuable feedback about the entire process and the way it was designed. You think the team is small enough for now so that all the feedback can reach the marketing leader without too many problems. Think about what will happen two years from now when you will have to get feedback from tens of sales agents? 

You can easily create feedback loops through messaging applications like Slack. Simply create a special channel for feedback and include everyone. You should also make time for a monthly sales feedback meeting. Everyone can share their experience and what they think could be improved in the entire process.

Listening to your employees can bring lots of valuable feedback about the entire operation and even the product itself. So, in this case, each employee is very important, and you should take into consideration any marketing initiative they come with.


Of course, the list of helpful marketing activities to boost sales and take your company to the next level can be extended. We’ve offered the first few steps to make that sales teamwork and get off the ground. Once you start gathering feedback, you’ll figure out new ways to improve the process and make your product even better.

We encourage all our readers that have sales experience or starting a business from scratch to share their thoughts. Please give us examples of how sales scaling can be done with ease, even when you don’t have lots of resources. Use the comments section to tell us all about your adventure in the world of product marketing.

Guest Author Bio: Thomas Glare is an analyst by profession. However, he has dedicated lots of his spare time to analyzing why some startups grow to become multinational companies, and others just disappear. In his studies, he discovered it’s a matter of mentality and approach, especially in the sales area. So, he helps businesses reach their potential through objective analysis and also loves to write about it in his personal blog and other online publications as well.