Social Media: The Best Customer Service Tool today

September 12, 2013 | Admin

Last updated on March 2nd, 2020

Social media presence and participation is now a need for any business. In fact, all businesses today use social media to monitor customers’ wants as well as reach out to them whenever these customers have feedback, considering countless consumers nowadays shop online or look for deals online. It’s great to be where your customers are.

We are now in the Information Age, where social media is the main power connecting us as a society. As such, the best way to cater to people is by providing social media customer service. Here are some customer service tips that you can apply to your everyday interactions with your shoppers. 

Better act fast

In a post of Business2Community, it is stated that 72% of customers who speak up about complaints through Twitter hope for answers from the companies in question in about 2 hours after voicing out, so speed in responding to complaints and other forms of feedback is key. Also, customers have good opinions of companies who respond quickly…and they tend to give bad opinions on companies who don’t. 

Take responsibility

Speed is not everything when dealing with feedback from customers. Businesses must also learn to own their mess and make up for their mistakes when they are in the wrong. Taking responsibility also helps in building reliability for a business. Doing the blame game or simply disregarding your company’s shortcomings is a good way to have a bad reputation.

Be transparent

Whether or not you can resolve any problems immediately, what customers want is to be heard and acknowledged. As such, it is good to be honest with your customers with regards to the situation. It can also help your company build credibility. 

Monitor constantly

Sometimes, customers try to seek service or product advice in manners that do not give you notifications. They don’t give you tweets on Twitter, nor send you messages on Facebook. In times like this, having access to social media tools such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or Insightpool helps with monitoring customer satisfaction and feedback. With them, you can keep watch for people’s posts or tweets that have specific keywords that you can choose for yourself. 

Be kind

It always helps to speak to customers in a kind and understanding tone. There are instances in which customers can express their opinions in unsavory manners. In times like this, it is best to rather respond in a respectful and kind manner. Answering in a disrespectful way to a customer can put your business in a bad light and perhaps be a sign of immaturity on a company’s side. Also, customers may provide harsh comments, but take note that they see you as a part of the company, and not you as you are. No need to take things personally. Besides, angry customers are not making personal attacks, they are merely responding to a difficult situation on their end. 

One more thing: please don’t type in all caps, it can be seen as obnoxiously loud talking and can be considered rude in a social media setting…especially if you’re supposed to be speaking in a formal manner, just like when dealing with customers. 


When it’s all said and done, what matters is the connection you have with your customers. With social media, you can give personalized responses to inquiries, comments, or any other form of feedback from customers. As such, businesses should speak to customers in a calm, formal, and friendly manner. Feedback are not personal attacks, but rather, sources of information on how one should improve their services. Treat your customers with respect, be quick to cater to their needs, and build rapport for a long term relationship with them, not only for brand image, but also for sincere service. 

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