Case Studies: Most Effective Trigger Email Marketing

June 5, 2015 | Admin

Last updated on June 14th, 2016

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If you aren’t already using triggers in your marketing strategy you need to be. 74% of online consumers get frustrated when content (e.g., offers, ads, promotions, etc.) has nothing to do with their interests. Setting up triggers can help your business overcome this frustration. Still not convinced that trigger email marketing is right for you? Here are 2 of my favorite:


BCBG had been in business for 20+ years before they gave trigger-based marketing a shot. “We quickly realized we needed a cost-effective technology solution that would not only give us the custom functionality and flexibility we needed, but also an opportunity to increase overall revenue,” Tommy Lamb, Manager of Ecommerce Marketing, explained. in 2013 they signed up for an automated marketing solution that saved time by eliminating tedious tasks.

  • The Results:
    • An astonishing 525% increase in clickthrough rate for triggered emails when compared to the non-triggered sends.
    • A 220% lift in open rate when compared to the brand’s non-triggered sends.
    • In the first few months of implementation,triggered emails were responsible for 20% of all revenue generated via the entire email program.
    • After analyzing these triggered emails over a longer period of time it was discovered that they have a 20% to 40% revenue contribution every week.

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Smart Furniture

Like many retailers, Smart Furniture had been sending their emails in a batch and blast fashion. They were also wasting valuable time manually creating lists. Upon changing their marketing strategy by adding action-based welcome, cart abandonment and post-purchase emails they noticed instant results.

  • The Results:
    • Went from 5 to 30 segmented lists
    • Increased open rates by 311% for welcome emails
    • Increased click-through rates by 327% for welcome emails
    • Have seen a 41% open rate and 56% clickthrough rate for cart abandonment emails.
    • Saw a 284% increase in open rate for post-purchase emails.
    • Saw a 295% increase in clickthrough rate for post-purchase emails.

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The numbers say it all. A tweak in your email marketing strategy can have huge results. So now what? We can all agree triggers create more powerful, personalized marketing, but that doesn’t answer how you create them. This all comes down to having the right tools in place to support triggers that work in real-time.

Kevy believes triggers should, and will be, a leading driver in ecommerce marketing. From browse abandonment to transaction triggers, the right rules engine gives you the power to automate personalization in ways that have never before been available. Using tools like Kevy will help you create and manage while closing the loop to show how much revenue each trigger drove for your business. This type of insight is invaluable as you test what works best with your ever changing market.

How do you want to use triggers in your business?

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