Business RadioX with Kevy CEO Brooke Beach

December 21, 2015 | Don Pottinger

Last updated on June 22nd, 2016

We got to spend some time with the team at Business RadioX to chat about Kevy. Check out what our CEO, Brooke Beach, has to say about Kevy, what we do, where we are going, and who could benefit from our growing platform.

Get the cliff notes:

  • eCommerce marketing is rapidly changing. There needs to be an increased focus on personalizing the online shopping experience for online stores to gain greater trust and brand loyalty.
  • There are so many stores and offerings, that in order to stand out, you need to create something memorable. Online shopping is convenient, but face-less.  If you do not acknowledge your buyers or create relevant messages, they will move on to the next vendor.
  • To date, most marketing automation solutions focus on the B2B sector – leaving a huge gap for online retailers.
  • Most traditional email marketing solutions do not track revenue. Online retailers can see click and open data (which are often vanity metrics), but they have no insight into how much revenue that email actually drove for their business. This leaves a massive blind spot for marketers trying to get a better gauge on what campaigns are actually working. True email marketing automation combines campaigns with revenue tracking so marketers can see exactly what email, popup offer or behavior-based trigger is most effective.
  • Email marketing is still the most powerful revenue driver for ecommerce, but there are many other tools that need to be used to create a more personalized, dynamic experience for online shoppers.
  • The Kevy platform integrates with ecommerce platforms through a Java Script that is embedded into you website code.  Once there, it enables you to track user behavior by where they go on the site, how long they stay, the products and types of products they’re viewing, and whether they buy or abandon.
  • Once you know what each customer is doing, you can begin to engage them through various channels to increase likelihood of conversion.
  •  Try using highly targeted pop-up offers based on behavior and order data. These targeted pop-ups can increase conversions dramatically because you can show a different message to each person that lands on your site based on their last visit, their order data or whether or not they are a new visitor.  You and I (Brooke) could be on the same site at the same time and see a different message based on our purchases, location or behaviors.
  • Another way to engage customers is through behavior based triggers. These triggers allow online retailers to set up autoresponders or email workflows to engage with customers as they take action on your site. For instance, say a specific customer returns to your site multiple times to look at a particular jacket. They want the jacket, but for some reason they have not placed it in their cart or purchased. This probably means that they are waiting for a sale or discount in order to complete the purchase. So you, as the online retailer, can set up a trigger to send an email with a discount to anyone that views a particular product multiple times. This way, you do not have to discount your entire store, and you can help those that need the extra incentive convert far faster (while letting those that are willing to pay full price do just that).
  • Combining these technologies results in a dramatic rise in sales from existing customers in the retailer’s database and the ability to get very targeted with discounts and marketing message.

If you want to know more about Kevy and how we can help you sell more, let us know – we would love to help!