Kevy goes to SXSW

March 21, 2016 | Admin

Last updated on June 14th, 2016


Legends have been told about SXSW, but nothing prepares you for what it truly offers until you see it for yourself.  I attended my first SX last week. I’ve been to Austin several times but could sense something was different the moment we touched down. I thought I would enjoy it, make some great business connections, but what I got was far more.

Here’s a snapshot Kevy at SXSW:

People Care. 

I was blown away by the time, effort and resources that go into making something like SXSW come to life.  Every person, business and industry put their hearts into creating a memorable experience for every visitor.

I am undeniably biased since Kevy headquarters is in the heart of Atlanta, but I was most notably impressed by the ChooseATL house. I was in awe of the support showed for our fellow dream-chasers. Every industry was represented – hip-hop, tech, nonprofits, film, tv, raw journalism and startups. It was a mashup of people and ideas like I’ve never before seen. People from all backgrounds and goals joined to highlight one another’s success.

[bctt tweet=”Everyone has a platform, and it is your responsibility to use it to help others. @KillerMike via @teamkevy”]

I listened to fellow Atlantan, Killer Mike, speak at a Sunday morning brunch. He mentioned everyone has a platform, and it is your responsibility to use it to help others. It was in that moment that I saw just how much people care. No matter what we do in life – whether it is writing code or building businesses – we all want to matter.  Mattering only happens when we impact someone else. We all came with our own agendas but left with a new respect for what everyone else is building and creating.

Can’t do it alone. 

There is no such thing as success in a silo. Behind every great success is a village of people who helped open doors, make connections and give advice. And more often than not, you’ll reach your goals faster when you ask for help.

And crazy things happen when you work as a team. Check out these stats from SXSW 2015:

  • SXSW directly booked 13,300 individual hotel reservations totaling 60,254 room nights.
  • 171,000 unique events
  • $317.2 million economic impact for the city f Austin
  • 80.1 billion media impressions

It’s OK to enjoy the ride.

As the CEO of a growing tech business, I am constantly focused on what needs to get done and how to reach the next stage of growth. I often catch myself feeling guilty for having fun or even resting. While there was no rest to be had at SX, there was fun.  I met new people, had fantastic conversations and enjoyed all SX had to offer. I had fun – and had to remind myself that was OK.  No matter what your role, it can be easy to let your to-do’s consume you. There will always be stresses, so it is important to celebrate the small joys that every stage brings.

What was your excperience of SXSW 2016?