Top Ideas to Enhance The Customer Experience Via Loyalty Programs

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Last updated on December 30th, 2019

Top Ideas to Enhance The Customer Experience Via Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty is not just a phrase, it is an asset of a company. The companies who have more brand loyal customers, gain more profits than the others. Most of the time businesses are introducing some kind of loyalty program to retain the loyal customer or to get more brand loyal customers. However, just the introduction of the program is not enough at all. You need to focus on the ideas that aid in boosting customer experience while you create a loyalty program.

Personalization is key

Whenever you want to improve the customer experience, you should focus on delivering personalized services. Who does not like to feel valuable? Yes! You have guessed it right. It’s human psychology to get positive feedback on doing something worthwhile. When customers make a purchase with you, they are increasing sales of your business. So you need to think about delivering them a special value that sets up an emotional connection with your brand. 

One research states that more than 90% of customers who enrolled in the loyalty program are more likely to engage with a business if they get personalized services.

As a matter of fact, creating a loyalty program is a nice way to reward frequent shoppers. Use the analytical data that helps to identify the customers who are making continuously repeated purchases with your business. Besides, you can send them personal invitations to participate in the rewards program. Grab the opportunity to address your customers individually via a loyalty program and improve the overall customer experience.

Make your loyalty program more accessible 

The easier your loyalty program is, the more you can attract brand loyal customers. Actually, the accessible rewards program has a higher customer engagement ration. According to Forbes, customers are always looking for an accessible program that helps them to easily complete the task and enjoy the perks.

For instance, Uber, a multinational transportation network company, offers a simple rewards program to earn points to get a free ride. Uber’s rewards program is as easy as 123 to enroll and earn benefits. Thus, a company can offer a more convenient customer experience that will help to drive in more loyal customers. In short, allow your customers to easily access your loyalty program and enjoy the perks which bond them with your brand or product. 

Delight your customer with a unique experience

If you want to enhance customer experience via loyalty programs, you need to delight them with a remarkable experience. In this hyper-competitive market, it’s not enough to just have good customer satisfaction, you need to make your potential customers euphoric and willing to choose you over competition along with telling others about you. If you have created a loyalty program that triggers customer attention, you can possibly delight them with the offerings. Sometimes, even a thank you note with little goodies can help you to delight your customers. 

Amazon Prime, for example, always offer a delightful experience to the exclusive members via free unlimited free shipping within two days. Also, it allows watching movies and tv shows to the members. It suggests that these days it is not sufficient that customers are happy with the product or service they are using. It is more about giving them add on benefits to improve their overall experience with your business.

Offer social recognition 

Recognition is the most convenient way to win your customers. When you offer more than just a good product to customers, they get overwhelmed experience with your services. According to research, more than 40% of businesses that use peer-to-peer appreciation have noticed positive progress in customer satisfaction.

For instance, you can offer a distinct recognition for the customers who have made the highest number of purchases with your business in a year. Sharing such insightful data on social media will not only help to improve customer experience but also boost your customer interactions.

So, think about the various identification you can allot to your customers and include them on social media posts, newsletters, or greeting cards. This practice will improve your customers’ view of your business and you will get more brand loyal customers.

Opt for the right rewards

Opt for the right rewards
Opt for the right rewards program that will help you to gain more brand loyal customers.

Another good way to enhance customer experience through a loyalty program is to offer them a valuable reward. When you decide on what to offer as giveaways, do not simply offer anything. It should be aligned with your business values and something worthwhile. This will help you get connected with your customers easily. Moreover, if you want to create a successful loyalty program that entices more customer satisfaction to follow these criteria:

  • Acutely identify your main objectives for a loyalty program
  • Focus only on the valuable insights while offering  rewards
  • If possible allow your customer to choose from the options
  • Opt for the novel ideas to attract more customers
  • Always involve your employees while selecting the strategies for the program

These factors are essential to design a successful loyalty program. Also, it will accommodate many opportunities to improve customers’ experience with the programs. So, opt for the right rewards program that will help you to gain more brand loyal customers. 

As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to connect with the industry experts while implementing a loyalty program to improve customer satisfaction. They can guide you through the right process, which will deliver you the most profitable outcomes.

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